It’s time to get excited about the World Cup


The 2018 World Cup looks set to be a cracker. Much negativity has surrounded the event due to Russia being the host nation. Politics seems to be the dominating the World Cup headlines following the recent struggles between England and Russia not to mention Vladimir Putin’s constant political machoness. The Sun recently published an article […]

VAR should be a force for good at the World Cup


Apart from slating managers and out of form players, video assistant referee (VAR) is the next most heated debate in 21st century football. In the Premier League a team seems to be robbed of points every weekend due to bad refereeing decisions.  The majority of referees seem to lack the fitness levels required in order to keep up with the play and can’t always view game incidents with 100 percent accuracy. Living in the […]

Hectic 2018 ahead in sport

world cup

Let’s face it, for the most part 2017 was quite a flat year in terms of sport. There was some undoubted high points such as the two All-Ireland finals, Ireland’s win over Wales and the New England Patriots remarkable Superbowl comeback victory. But in a gap year for the major international football tournaments and the […]