I think we better leave right now

irish flag

Ireland has been an EU member state for the last four decades. A lot has changed in that time – for one, we are now EU net contributors as opposed to solely recipients of EU money. In 2014, we contributed €1.62 billion to the EU. Mentioning that figure alone indicates that our membership is becoming […]

Ireland without Europe would drown


Éirexit: it just doesn’t have the same ring to it. For the press, the pundits and portmanteau lovers alike, Éirexit is not going to cut it. Unfortunately, it takes a very acute obsession with wordplay to disregard the possibility of Ireland leaving the EU based on the hashtag alone. For those less linguistically-allured, allow me […]

Ireland warned it is an Al-Qaeda target


A radical Muslim has made statements saying that Ireland is now to be viewed as a legitimate target for attack because US air force planes are allowed to land and refuel at Shannon Airport. CUK-based Muslim preacher, Anjem Choudary warned that Muslims fighting US foreign policy do not see Ireland as a neutral state, despite […]

Queen remains cryptic on Scottish Independence


When leaving Sunday morning service at her local church, Crathie Kirk, in Aberdeenshire, the Queen told onlookers that she hopes Scottish voters “think very carefully about the future” when voting today.

Are the Scots going to go it alone?


Even up until early August, it seemed that the Pro-Unionist ‘Better Together’ Campaign (a cross-political grouping including the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats) had it all wrapped up.