Selfies and self-worth

Not so long ago, I found myself in a funny kind of situation, but not the funny ‘haha’ kind. It was a funny, makes your insides squirm kind. And the thing was, it wasn’t the situation itself, but my reaction to it that made me feel this way. See, I am in a Facebook group […]

The real Snapchat story

Social media is an infinite scroll of humblebrags, naïve politics and insufferable sunset snaps taken somewhere better than wherever you’re reading this from. It is a source of entertainment, envy and enlightenment but is there a point when social media becomes dangerous? Facebook is The Procrastination Station when it comes to student life. It is […]

Student Experience: My Harassment Story

I’ve decided to share this story. It is an apology. I want the world to know that I am sorry, but I can’t reveal my identity for fear that it would compromise him or anyone he is associated with.

Gamergate: intro and analysis

#Gamergate has become one of the biggest movements the gaming industry has seen, perhaps even bigger than Jack Thompson’s crusade against video games in 2005 when he tried to draw a comparison between violence in video games and real life.

The Unsocial Social Networking

The winner of this year’s Academic Writing Competition is Niamh Clarke. Her winning piece was published in issue 12 of Sin, but it only seemed fitting that it was published online too.

Oscar’s 2014; A Post Mortem

Today’s critics must have nothing better to do than slag Ellen DeGeneres’ performance as 2014’s Oscars host. Some may recall the 2013 Academy Awards as a royal mess, but it was understandable. Seth MacFarlane was going to do Seth MacFarlane things, regardless of whether they were appropriate to the setting. Likewise, Ellen DeGeneres is bound to […]

GiGSoc Set to Launch Rainbow Week and 1st Ever Rainbow Ball

GiGSoc [Gay in Galway Society] is delighted to host its second annual Rainbow Week, running from Monday 3 – Saturday 8 February. The week will consist of numerous events to promote LGBTQA presence on campus, culminating in our pinnacle event, NUI Galway’s first ever Rainbow Ball. Rainbow Week strives to express and celebrate the diversity […]

Our Favourite Celebs on the ‘Twittersphere’

Twitter has become a place for celebs to communicate with the world, in 140 characters or less, at a time. Sin’s Eoin Molloy gives us a breakdown of some of the best accounts online…

Glastonbury Sells out in Record Time

Today was the day when festival enthusiasts world-wide fought to get Glastonbury tickets, as they went on sale, over 8 months before the festival commences. Shannon McNamee has the story…

The Fangirl Phenomena: Unhealthy obsessions or just teenage infatuations?

Fangirl groups seem to be taking over the world. Jenna Hodgins questions the sanity of their behaviour and discusses the actions of certain fangroups…