Visiting Paris on a student’s budget


Ryanair Sale. The words hopped onto my screen in bold, italic font luring me in, urging me to investigate. Flights to Paris for twenty-five euro. Twenty-five euro? Bargain. The French book on my desk urged me on. I needed a break from study. A trip to France would help improve my fluency after all. Looking […]

Winter Wanderlust


With the stress of exams looming, many students are faced with two options: accept a fate of libo-cops, library baes and the blinding low sun of Hardiman’s second floor; or run a mile. Without condoning the second option, there are ways you can make the most of your desertion, meaning you can get it all […]

Working Abroad: Waitressing in France


Many students travel abroad to find work, but when Aoife Barry went to France for the summer, she learned a lot about herself as well as the culture…