Micro-plastic found in bottled water: why we should finally give up this environment-damaging practice


A recent study has found high levels of microplastics in bottled water and has discovered that 90% of the world’s most popular bottled water brands contain tiny pieces of plastic. The most common type of plastic fragment found was the same type of plastic used to make bottle caps- polypropylene. The bottles that were used […]

Makeup hacks to look stress-free during exams


It should go without saying that you should get at least 8 hours sleep, eat healthily, take time to relax and wash daily during the exam period… however, we all know that’s all going to go out the window come the first week of our exams. Although we may not feel so great at this […]

Finger piercings: Are engagement rings a thing of the past?


It’s crazy to think that in 50 years’ time we might be passing down an heirloom to our grandchildren and reminiscing about our wedding day as they hold a crusty old piercing in their hands. Dermal piercings are becoming more and more popular and even more so in a romantic sense. These piercings make it appear […]

Lacoste replaces iconic crocodile logo with 10 endangered species


In an effort to raise awareness for endangered species, sports fashion brand Lacoste has swapped its distinctive crocodile logo for one of 10 threatened animal species on a series of limited-edition polo shirts. The purpose of this new design is to bring attention to the global state of biodiversity. The species represented on their polo-shirts […]

Time to say goodbye to coconut oil?


When it comes to natural ingredients, the use of coconut oil in beauty routines has truly blossomed, not to mention its popularity in cooking and baking. However, it turns out that lathering the stuff on your face can do more harm than good. Beauty bloggers may be obsessed with it, but skin experts believe that its not all its cracked up to be. […]

House-hunting 101


Every year students across Galway embark on the tedious, stressful and all-consuming task of finding a place to live for the semester. While summer is supposed to be stress-free and fun, a number of students are set to spend the three months scrolling through the likes of daft.ie and rent.ie and checking newspaper advertisements daily, […]

10 double date ideas in Galway


It’s true, double dates can be awkward and kind of annoying. Whether you’re attempting to pair people who wouldn’t otherwise hang out together, or just trying to make new friends with your partner, it can prove useful to think of a few double date ideas that aren’t completely lame and awkward! So here are the […]