Moving back home for the summer


Let’s be honest. No student is ever 100% happy moving home for the summer. Giving up your freedom, not seeing your best friends for months and the lack of Boojum deliveries at the click of a button are some of the main reasons for not wanting to go home. Why on earth would you want […]

The best ways to combat J1 FOMO


We are nearly half way through our final semester, and summer already seems so close. People have their holidays planned out with half of the university going on a J1 and the remainder jetting off to Canada. Is all this talk starting to make your summer job at home in Ireland sound even more miserable […]

Festival watch 2018: where do you need to be this summer?

music festival

It’s January and with nothing but lectures, assignments and the Galway rain to look forward to, why not plan ahead and suss out which musical festival you’d like to experience in the summer months? Life (25-28 May, Co. Westmeath) Reward yourself after final exams and kick off summer 2018 with an electronic bang at Life […]

Festival 101: your fashion essentials


Half the battle and the fun of festivals is the prep beforehand. Whether you’ve to factor in an Irish drenching or a foreign scorching there are a few festival essentials that cannot be overlooked. They are the electric to your picnic and the sea to your sessions, so may you take note and take with. […]