MEET YOUR CANDIDATES: Welfare and Equality Officer candidate Georgia Feeney

Georgia Feeney

Why are you running for election? For the last couple of years I have been your regular student, and then I have also volunteered with the SU. Then this year I also started working with them at the SU desk and I think from having all those experiences I have been able to see how […]

MEET YOUR CANDIDATES: Welfare & Equality candidate Clare Austick

clare austick

Why are you running for election? I am running for the position of Vice/Welfare and Equality Officer because I’m driven quite strongly to help provide care for others and I’ve been involved with the Students’ Union for a number of years now. I’ve been a class rep for two years and as a current part-time […]

MEET YOUR CANDIDATES: Students’ Union Presidential candidate John Molony

John Molony

Why are you running for election? One of the big reasons is that I am from Cork and I had never been to Galway when I was younger, so when I first came here everyone was so friendly and I really fell in love with the city straight away. That is something I wanted to […]

MEET YOUR CANDIDATES: Students’ Union Presidential candidate Ashwin Ravichandran

Ashwin Ravi

Why are you running for election? I like to lead and manage things and I thought to modify and implement changes for the students, being a common student, I can’t do that. What is the one thing you want to achieve over everything else? I would like to create an accommodation team. The Students’ Union […]

MEET YOUR CANDIDATES: Education Officer candidate Cian O’Shaughnessy


Why are you running for election? I’m running for Education Officer to represent the students in NUIG and for the changes that I see would benefit them and that I hope they would like to see. I started studying Law because I have a passion for education and I would really like to fight on […]

MEET YOUR CANDIDATES: Education Officer candidate Stephanie Koennecker

Stephanie Koennecker

Why are you running for election this year? I’m running because academics and education is something I feel strongly about and I also think it would help to enhance my career prospects. I have a lot of experience in the university with a number of personal setbacks which upset my education so I’m hoping that […]

#NUIGSU17 Election & Referendum Results

New SU

President Election Result: Lorcán Ó Maoileannaigh Deemed Elected 1st Round: FINN, Eoghan 624 GAFFNEY, Niall 421 MORAN, Cillian 48 Ó CURRAOIN, Diarmuid 403 Ó MAOILEANNAIGH, Lorcán 1,573 RYAN, Cat 353 RON 18 Total: 3,450 Spoils: 10 Total Valid Poll: 3,440 Quota: 1,721   2nd Round: FINN, Eoghan 630 GAFFNEY, Niall 428 Ó CURRAOIN, Diarmuid 408 Ó […]

SU President highlights role of the Students’ Union as election race commences


Thursday 23 February saw the start of another Student Union election race in NUI Galway. Students are competing for the role of President, Welfare Officer and Education Officer, the three full-time positions in the Students’ Union. As candidates launch their campaigns over the next week, Student Independent News spoke with current Students’ Union President Jimmy […]

#NUIGSU13: Live blog


It’s d-day for the election candidates, and as the count is on-going, Sin Editor Jessica Thompson brings you the results as they happen. Stay tuned for regular updates…

Editorial: Have your say in the Students’ Union Elections


In this week’s editorial, Jessica Thompson discusses the Students’ Union Elections and why you should have your say…