Starting your Christmas shopping early


I can already hear you cynics groaning as you see this article title, the distant flick as you thumb past this page. I’m aware that some of you detest people like me who, in September, have already got a secret bag in the wardrobe full of future gifts. But, without disrespect, I would like to […] releases Smartsearch Extra Voucher

Smart Search Galway’s best Daily Deals website has just released a new way to help Galwegians save their money, welcome to the Smartsearch Extra Voucher…

What We Love About Christmas: Decorations

Christmas decorating can be a very magical part of the holiday season

There are many things we all love, and hate about the Christmas season. Chelsea Tabert tells us about the magic of Christmas decorating…

Hat’s Off: Keeping cool while staying hot

Hats Off

In this week’s Hat’s Off column, Órla Ryan gives us some much-needed tips on how to dress for the weather…