Students vote to stand together against sexual violence at USI Congress 2018

USI’s 2018 Congress saw hundreds of policy motions voted on last week- on everything from mental health to union policies to repealing the 8th amendment. The most notable debates over the four days included equality for transgender and non-binary students, the Palestinian conflict and the upcoming referendum on the 8th amendment. Lines of students gathered […]

USI Congress 2018: Day Three

Day Three of Congress Thursday April 5 went at a slower pace compared to the long day of motions the previous day. National and international affairs were discussed as were constitutional amendments. Any undiscussed motions from the previous two days were also voted on and a debate took place on EU refugee quotas between delegates […]

What does ‘Ask for Angela’ say about society and sexual assault?

On February 6, the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign started working with nightclubs and pubs in Cork city to help people who feel at risk while out socialising. The initiative aims to combat harassment and sexual assault. “With the increase in online dating, we want to help create an extra feeling of security and offer a […]

Campus Sexual Assault among US university students: are there European parallels? ‏

Documentary entitled The Hunting Ground exposes levels of sexual assault on US campuses.

RE: New Public – I’m a feminist and so can you

Can only women be feminists? In this very interesting article, Robin Pötke from FemSoc talks about feminism from the male perspective…