Positive discrimination is still discrimination – but what can we do to prevent it?

Early in 2018, tech giant Google faced a number of lawsuits regarding discrimination against, wait for it, white male former employees. Such attempts to diversify their workforce have in fact, led to many lawsuits, including one from Arne Wilberg, who claims that YouTube illegally used quotas to hire more female, as well as more black and Latino engineers. Wilberg claims he was fired because he discovered and criticised this practice, which was allegedly covered […]

Oscars 2018: fan service or social movement?

While 2018’s Academy Awards ratings hit an all-time low, there was much to say, and much to be said, at and about the awards show. This year’s Oscars marked the 90th occurrence of the ceremony, with Jimmy Kimmel returning to host on Monday 5 March. While Saoirse Ronan and Cartoon Saloon’s The Breadwinner were nominated for Best Actress and Best Animated Feature Film respectively, the […]

Free speech vs hate speech: Where’s the line?

Free speech is important. It’s a cornerstone of democracy and should be a right that all are entitled to. While the topic of free speech is more contentious in the U.S, where it’s built into their constitutional rights, it is a universal issue and one that has come to light here in Ireland recently. In […]