The gloves are off: NUI Galway to take on rivals GMIT in charity boxing event

Forget McGregor and Mayweather, the showdown of the season is set to take place at the end of this semester when NUI Galway students step into the ring with GMIT for charity. There will be 15 fights in total, with Student Union President Lorcán Ó Maoileannaigh also taking on his GMIT counterpart Mark O’Brien at […]

One in six without accommodation as semester begins

A survey of NUI Galway students has found that one in six participants had not found accommodation by 4 September this year – the first day of lectures on campus. The survey carried out by NUI Galway Students’ Union to uncover the depth of the accommodation crisis in the city was taken by 1,285 students […]

SU Election result: Students #CountOnLorcán as Ó Maoileannaigh wins the vote

On Friday 3 March, candidates in the annual NUI Galway Students’ Union election gathered in The View in Áras na Mac Léinn for a tense and suspenseful morning at the all-important count. The election held on Thursday 2 March saw 3,450 students turn out to vote in the university, with 10 spoiled votes making a […]

#Strike4Repeal: 8th Amendment protest held in Galway

March 8, International Women’s Day saw NUI Galway Femsoc, Pro-Choice Galway, Parents for Choice, and SU and USI representatives march with individuals in favour of repealing the 8th amendment of the Irish constitution in solidarity with protestors across Ireland. Inspired by Black Monday in Poland, this was part of the nationwide call on Irish women […]

#NUIGSU17 Election & Referendum Results

President Election Result: Lorcán Ó Maoileannaigh Deemed Elected 1st Round: FINN, Eoghan 624 GAFFNEY, Niall 421 MORAN, Cillian 48 Ó CURRAOIN, Diarmuid 403 Ó MAOILEANNAIGH, Lorcán 1,573 RYAN, Cat 353 RON 18 Total: 3,450 Spoils: 10 Total Valid Poll: 3,440 Quota: 1,721   2nd Round: FINN, Eoghan 630 GAFFNEY, Niall 428 Ó CURRAOIN, Diarmuid 408 Ó […]

Education Officer Candidate: Ciarán Mac Choncarraige

Interviewed by Heather Robinson Why are you running for election? An event that really swayed me was the National Demonstration that the Union did with the USI back in October. I was really involved with rallying students to get involved in that, I even organised a session to make posters upstairs in the art room. […]

Education Officer Candidate: Andrew Forde

Interviewed by Sorcha O’Connor. Why are you running for election? I’m running for election so that I can lobby for policies that will bring practical change for the students of NUI, Galway. I’m someone who’s been through the ups and downs of college – I know what it’s like to have your grant taken away, […]

Welfare Officer Candidate: Sharon Murray

Interviewed by Sorcha O’Connor Why are you running for election? Personally comes from my own background, I’ve had to use the services and I felt it wasn’t until someone had notified me about them that I really understood their uses. They were fantastic! I ended up in first semester of second year, I was homeless […]

Welfare Officer Candidate: Megan Reilly

Interviewed by Heather Robinson Why are you running for the election? Well, the simple reason is because I feel ready. I’ve basically been involved with the Student’s Union for a few years and this job that I’m doing right now has just given me so much experience to run so many campaigns and I’ve met […]

Welfare Officer Candidate: Rebecca Tierney

Interviewed by Sorcha O’Connor Why are you running for election? The main reason I’m running, I feel there’s been a disconnect between the SU and the student body itself. I feel like they’re a little bit unapproachable, that’s it’s become an ‘us versus them’ thing and it’s become a little bit exclusive. I want it […]