NUIG refunds fees to students after complaints over course quality upheld

NUI Galway will refund an entire year worth of tuition fees to current third and fourth year students on their BA Connect with Journalism course after students’ complaints about the organisation of the course during the third year of the programme were upheld. The refund was confirmed to students on Monday last week 23 July, […]

#Strike4Repeal: 8th Amendment protest held in Galway

March 8, International Women’s Day saw NUI Galway Femsoc, Pro-Choice Galway, Parents for Choice, and SU and USI representatives march with individuals in favour of repealing the 8th amendment of the Irish constitution in solidarity with protestors across Ireland. Inspired by Black Monday in Poland, this was part of the nationwide call on Irish women […]

It’s not about Kylie Jenner

  The internet is a remarkable thing and with the dawn of new media, our consumption of news and current affairs grows slowly narrower. The invention of clickbait headlines and ‘news’ that isn’t really news have become so omnipresent it’s hard to discern what’s really worth knowing these days. Most people will admit that they […]

Eoin Drones: Media Distraction 101

First off let me explain the above title by clarifying that this bi-weekly, recurrent column will not be an ongoing tirade against the use of drones in warfare, even though such a column may well be merited. Alas, Eoin Drones is a title that simply refers to my solemn duty as opinion editor of this […]