From Gdynia to Galway: SIN meets singer-songwriter Agu


Growing up in a generation where many refuse to answer the door without a warning text, it’s pleasantly surprising when Polish-born musician Agu rejects a café meeting in favour of a fireside tête-à-tête. I’ll soon find out she’s no stranger to playing MC; she used to host live music in her living room to promote […]

SIN meets NUI Galway music man Tom Freeman

Through Rock Soc, Music Soc, the university orchestra, or just by meeting people through chance, NUI Galway has always had a way of nurturing the latent talent within those studying here, one such talented musician is Tom Freeman, a recent NUI Galway graduate.  So, you’ve been involved with music in NUI Galway since you set your foot in the door, what […]

Festival watch 2018: where do you need to be this summer?

music festival

It’s January and with nothing but lectures, assignments and the Galway rain to look forward to, why not plan ahead and suss out which musical festival you’d like to experience in the summer months? Life (25-28 May, Co. Westmeath) Reward yourself after final exams and kick off summer 2018 with an electronic bang at Life […]

Singing for help, millennials and the music of depression


‘It’s our party we can do what we want. It’s our party we can say what we want. It’s our party we can love who we want, we can kiss who we want, we can see who we want.’ These lyrics come from Miley Cryus’ renowned classic, We Can’t Stop. Aside from being a catchy […]

In Conversation with The Clockworks

Irish Interest Indeed: Damian Greaney, James McGregor and Sean Connelly (L-R).

As their name would seem to suggest, The Clockworks are a punctual bunch. They greet me outside the door of the Temple Café, clad in all black as is necessary for a trio of aspiring rockers. The Temple Café, which is across from Charlie Byrne’s bookshop, is a social venture – that means it is […]

Call for Code of Conduct for buskers on Shop Street

Shop Street has always been well known for its busy and buzzing atmosphere and wide variety of buskers at each and every corner, but now Galway City Council will be addressing the need for a Code of Conduct for buskers in the coming weeks that may change the busking experience for everyone. Mikey McCrory, of […]

IMRO Announces Awards Shortlist

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The Irish Music Rights Organisation, or IMRO have just announced the shortlist for their annual awards. “IMRO is a national organisation that administers the performing right in copyright music in Ireland on behalf of its members (who are songwriters, composers and music publishers) and on behalf of the songwriters, composers and music publishers of the […]

NUIG’s Got Talent 2013


The final round of NUIG’s Got Talent is nearing and Sin’s very own GUMS correspondent, Freya Carroll has the story…

Galway for Josh Ritter and Imelda May


The Arts Festival is looking like it will be a cracker this year with a fantastic line-up. James Falconer has more…