Finger piercings: Are engagement rings a thing of the past?

It’s crazy to think that in 50 years’ time we might be passing down an heirloom to our grandchildren and reminiscing about our wedding day as they hold a crusty old piercing in their hands. Dermal piercings are becoming more and more popular and even more so in a romantic sense. These piercings make it appear […]

Time to say goodbye to coconut oil?

When it comes to natural ingredients, the use of coconut oil in beauty routines has truly blossomed, not to mention its popularity in cooking and baking. However, it turns out that lathering the stuff on your face can do more harm than good. Beauty bloggers may be obsessed with it, but skin experts believe that its not all its cracked up to be. […]

Lost Looks: The 60s “British Invasion” Inspiration

The title of “The British Invasion” is given to the specific genre of music in the sixties that influenced the British and American culture both socially and creatively. With the arrival of British pop bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones into America at the beginning of this decade, their musical influence grew faster […]

Homemade face masks: what to choose for your skin blues

As March seizes us for another most likely rainy and miserable month, it seems our skin can be the first one to be affected by the harsh weather. With shallow pockets and skint bank accounts creating a face mask from bits and pieces lying around the kitchen is the easiest and most fun way to […]

Three ways to cook sweet potato

We’re all students. It can be near to impossible to squeeze vegetables into our diets when we’re on a budget, have minimal free time, and absolutely no clue how to even cook in the first place. Generally the go-to is a pack of twenty cent noodles or a few waffles thrown in the oven. This […]