Saint Paddy? Say that to his face


Welcome one and all to the most dissolute religious festival in Ireland. I mean, people say Christmas has been commercialised, but at least that’s in the form of giving and receiving gifts – and we’ll all generally pop into the church to say hi to the baby Jesus. But what exactly about aul man Padraig […]

Diary of a Final Year: The Three Steps to becoming an adult (and what happened when I took them)


Here’s the thing: I’ve never really accepted the transition to adulthood. If you ask me what the most important book I’ve ever read is, I will probably describe the Enid Blyton and Jacqueline Wilson collection that is stacked in order of size on the lilac shelf in my bedroom. If you happen to know that […]

Confessions of a Provisional Driver: Turf Wars

L plates

My provisional licence turned six months old last weekend and panic stations set in. What the hell have I been arsing around at on the roads this entire time? The six month birthday of my little plastic rectangle means that I can now sit a driving test. It means that I should be well able […]

Confessions of a Provisional Driver

L plates

It’s 1:29pm, I’m shovelling some supremely scrambled eggs into me, and reading over my notes on turnabouts and reversing around a corner in the hope that my study will compensate for my lack of practice. Lack of, meaning none. Zilch. It’s a Monday. I know it’s a Monday because my instructor shows me the soles […]