New year, new me… sort of


Slurping on your second St. Stephen’s Day sandwich, gravy dripping down your dressing gown, it is not surprising when the veil of festivities is lifted, and we are faced with our own chinful reflection. Brains trick themselves into believing that a change is due – something radical must be done so that we appear to […]

College with a chronic illness


I have nothing else to give. This thought crosses my mind at least five times during the average college day. Being realistic, every college student probably thinks that around week six of the semester anyway. But for a student with a chronic illness this thought, the concept of giving up, runs much deeper and holds […]

Evening Vigil in Merlin Park


The NUI Galway society of Students for Sensible Drug Policy is holding an evening time vigil outside of the burned down remains of the Merlin Park addiction clinic on the 20 December at 6.15pm. As has been discussed in this newspaper previously, the HSE Area Management have decided to relocate the Addiction Service from its […]

This Week’s Debate: Should Cannabis be legalised?


Roscommon TD Luke Ming Flanagan recently put forward a motion to legalise Cannabis. The motion was defeated by 111 to eight last week. In this week’s debate we discuss whether Cannabis should be legalised…

NUI Galway to Recruit for Chronic Headache Management Study


NUI Galway are recruiting for a chronic headache management study. Martin O’Donoghue reports…

Managing exam stress from

Her Campus Studying Main

We’re smack bang in the middle of exam season. How are you coping? If you haven’t already finished up, here are a few tips from to help you cope with stress…

NUI Galway Mountaineering Club organise Annual Maamturks Challenge

Daybreak at Corcog, Maamturks Challenge 2013

NUI Galway’s Mountaineering Club organised a successful Maamturks Challenge on 13 April. Here’s the full story…

Ógra launch national organ donor policy

Ogra Fianna Fail

Ógra Fianna Fáil has recently issued a policy document to encourage organ donation and to raise awareness of the issue. In this article, National Policy and Campaign Director Mark Stokes reports…

Exams are coming: 7 tips to make sure you’re ready.

John Mulry

Sin’s regular health and fitness columnist, John Mulry of Expect Success Fitness, talks us through seven ways to make sure we’re ready for that time of year…

Fit & Well Week 2013


EXPLORE is a fantastic way for students and lecturers to work together. In this article, John Campion and Dr Aleisha Clarke explain how they devised a mental health event for secondary schools, along with Professor Margaret Barry…