Starting your Christmas shopping early

I can already hear you cynics groaning as you see this article title, the distant flick as you thumb past this page. I’m aware that some of you detest people like me who, in September, have already got a secret bag in the wardrobe full of future gifts. But, without disrespect, I would like to […]

Winter Wanderlust

With the stress of exams looming, many students are faced with two options: accept a fate of libo-cops, library baes and the blinding low sun of Hardiman’s second floor; or run a mile. Without condoning the second option, there are ways you can make the most of your desertion, meaning you can get it all […]

How to make the most out of study week

Study week is a hard concept to grapple with; on one hand, it’s your first full week off from college since the start of the semester, and you’re inclined to think of it as a ‘break’, while on the other, it’s a week you’re expected to devote to exam preparation. So how is it possible […]

6 of the best Christmas ads

It’s that time of year again where we sit down and watch re-runs of our favourite Christmas specials and summer blockbusters being passed off as Christmas movies while over-indulging in our favourite box of chocolates.

The Galway Giving Tree: For those in need this Christmas

    The Galway Giving Tree is an all-volunteer organisation, which has been helping local families in Galway since 2010.

How to survive this Christmas

Nippy weather and Rudolph jumpers. Crisp dark evenings spent in front of a blazing open fire cradling a mug of hot chocolate, frosted window panes, patterned mittens, Christmas dinner and furry collars. Wearing new fluffy PJs. Drinking spiced mulled wine laced with brandy while dining on mince pies with a generous dollop of cream. Board […]

Poetry – ‘The Bells on my Harness’

It’s that time again; the lights are up, the songs are being piped out of the shops and Santa is starting to put the elves to hard work. But what about the reindeer? This week Michael Healy wonders if its all not looking a little bit like a reindeer Christmas chain-gang…   The Bells on […]

What We Love About Christmas: Decorations

There are many things we all love, and hate about the Christmas season. Chelsea Tabert tells us about the magic of Christmas decorating…

Yellow Brick Road: Procrastination Station

It’s procrastination time again, as Hazel Doyle discusses in her latest ‘Yellow Brick Road’ column…