Film Review: Black Panther


Marvel’s highly anticipated Black Panther, the first from its universe to hit our screens this year, gave many critics and cinema goers plenty to discuss. Directed and co-written by Ryan Coogler, it presented the first black protagonist in this Marvel’s universe film collection. Although Black Panther’s character has been around since the mid 1960s, audiences […]

Lost Looks: 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll


Rock ‘n’ Roll was a phenomenon like no other. Loved by teenagers as the music of a generation and loathed by parents and religious figures alike, it brought rebellion and sex appeal, not forgetting some pretty slick hairdos. It gave a song to a voiceless generation and has stayed that way ever since. Socially, musically […]

Wardrobe must-have: The leather skirt


A faux leather skirt is (or at least should be) a staple item for college goers and fashion icons alike. Its common popularity can often make it feel benign amongst fashion looks but with the right styling and shoes its easy to revamp this look into something fabulous. Whether its grabbing a coffee in Smokey’s […]