Clarifications: Dear Ireland, the world is watching

It’s a funny thing to feel completely prepared to live abroad. Then realize after saving for years, buying outlet converters, and booking a plane ticket across the Atlantic that you forgot about one thing: contraception. Four days before I left the country to study abroad at NUI Galway, I was watching Irish documentaries. It was […]

“This referendum will possibly be the most important thing we are asked to vote on in our lifetime.” What do NUI Galway students have to say about the 8th?

There’s a slight chance you may have heard about the 8th Amendment referendum that is set to take place at the end of May. SIN wanted to know how NUI Galway students felt about the referendum, and what aspects of the issue they cared about the most. So, we sat down with students from both sides […]

Why #Strike4Repeal is a Necessary Move

This is year 34 of the existence of the 8th Amendment. Every day 12 people leave our little country to seek an abortion. Pro-Choice and Pro-Life are both passionate groups and neither show signs of shrinking away from the argument any time soon. #Strike4Repeal was initially a direct action to demand that the Irish government call a […]

USI says abortion legislation punishes vulnerable young women

USI has spoken out about the abortion legislation. Isabella De Luca reports…

Letter to the Editor: Treat Savita and Prasa with dignity during the inquest

In a letter to the editor, Maria Mahoney discusses the ongoing inquest into the death of Savita Halappanavar…