Sin Newspaper would be nothing without its dedicated team of editors and writers.

With approximately 140 people involved in Sin at various times, it’s no wonder we have such a great newspaper.

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Meet our Editorial Staff:

Editor in Chief: Jessica Thompson.Resize

Jessica is editing Sin for the second year running and is aiming to make this year of Sin bigger and better than before. With a few tricks up her sleeve, she plans to build Sin’s online presence while also teaching her team how to build up a portfolio of published work.

She graduated from NUI Galway in November 2012 with a Masters in Journalism and has ample experience in editing and online journalism. She is the co-founder and editor of The Daily Shift, which has a questionable name, but certainly catches attention (this website does not – repeat, does not - teach you how to get the shift… daily…).

Sin has been an enjoyable experience for Jessica, and this year she’s finding she can handle the pressure a lot better… Her housemate’s biscuits have not been eaten in a moment of stress, though the frequent all-nighters are still part of her fortnightly ritual.

She welcomes anyone to pay her a visit in her office on the concourse (on Fridays between 10 and 5), and especially welcomes them when they bring tea. She likes her tea with milk and no sugar.

She prefers to be called Jess, as she thinks it makes her sound more cool and approachable and hip, though if she stopped lingering around Smokey’s and spying on people who are reading Sin (she’s always curious to see what they’re reading), perhaps people would actually approach her more often.

She is a fan of photography, listening to music from the 50s through 80s, and is partial to a nice cup of tea.

She is also quite fond of writing about herself in third person. You can keep up with her progress in life by following her on Twitter at @Jess__Thompson (that’s two underscores) or check out her website at



jennabiopicNews Editor (Campus and Local): Jenna Hodgins

Jenna is currently in the second year of her undergraduate degree studying English, Psychology and Irish Studies.

The five-foot-nothing Local and Campus News Editor can be spotted (maybe not – unless you look down) moseying about college in search of  potential news stories and good gossip in general.

As well as contributing to Sin, Jenna writes freelance for various news blogs and websites. Occasionally, she likes to compose beautiful works of poetry about the food on her plate or the pigeons on the Concourse.

When not creeping about campus pen-in-hand for Sin, you will find this rare creature in her natural habitat (Smokey’s) browsing Reddit, drinking copious amounts of Coca-Cola and in a constant state of “aww” over baby animal pictures.

A proud librocubicularist and self-confessed verbivore. Jenna enjoys a good book, wordplay and compiling lists of her favourite words. “Salubrious” is her current front runner.

This year Jenna intends on expanding her journalistic portfolio, so that the next time she has to write a third person biography, she will include fancy achievements and avoid the subterfuge of sarcasm.

Make sure to say hello, she likes people.



News Editor (National and International): Conor Lane


Conor is a graduate of the Arts (Public and Social Policy) degree program in NUI Galway and is currently doing a Master’s in Film. He was elected Postgraduate Officer of NUI Galway’s Student’s Union this year and is also on the Board of Directors for Flirt FM.

When he’s not trying to overburden himself with work he’s normally forgetting that he has any work to do in the first place; an annoying problem that he must work on this year.

As the current national/international news editor for Sin he hopes to be more of a help to Jessica (our editor) than a nuisance – a lofty goal he has set himself and one which he hopes to achieve.

So feel free to send him all his news stories related to Ireland and the world in general.



LeighFeatures (Politics and Opinion): Leigh Ashmore

Leigh comes from the faraway lands of Kildare.

He is a philosophy graduate and obtained his degree right here in NUI Galway.

He is currently pursuing a career in journalism and has started his media journey with the Masters in Journalism in NUI Galway.

He has been contributing to Sin for a number of years now, so it was only fitting that he step up and take a bigger role, ie: an editorial role.

Leigh looks after all the serious articles in Sin, ensuring that the first few pages of the features section are packed with interesting, thought-provoking and serious content that will get every student thinking.

Leigh is a self-confessed current affairs junkie.

He loves politics but he hates politicians.



me being serious (1)Features (Humour and Student Life):

Michael Finn is currently doing his Masters in Journalism, after finishing his undergraduate in Dublin City University (Multimedia).

Born and bred in Sligo, Michael has contributed to many local newspapers, including The Weekender and The Express.

He keeps a blog called Sligonian, which takes a satirical look at life in Sligo.

Michael is also a guitarist, and a big fan of music, particularly heavy metal. This is his first time living in Galway, and he sees it as much like Dublin, without the misery.

If you feel you have a light hearted or witty feature, don’t hesitate to contact him.



photo (15)Lifestyle (Beauty and Fashion): Ciara Treacy

Ciara Treacy is currently in her final year studying Public and Social Policy.

This is her second year writing for Sin and she is delighted to be overseeing the fashion and beauty pages, while also terrified she will be caught wearing a bad outfit and the writers will stage a coup against her.

She is really looking forward to working with a team of talented (and stylish!) writers in making the lifestyle section of Sin the new Vogue.

Ciara also likes to write for other sections of Sin, including news, humorous features and student issues, with a huge interest in student politics and the matters concerning students today.

She has worked as a Student Connect Mentor and Mentor Leader for incoming first year students and is currently an intern at the ALIVE volunteering programme at NUI Galway.

During the summer she discovered a passion for running which she directed towards completing two mini marathons in aid of charity.

Overall she’s generally up for the craic and a few Bruce Springsteen tunes.



Photo 225Arts and Entertainment (Music and Film): Tracey Halloran

Tracey Halloran is a Communications Studies graduate from DCU, currently studying an MA in Journalism.

She originated in Co. Mayo, where she sprouted from a musical pot and played in an acoustic band. Her initial love for songwriting at an early age soon progressed into writing short stories, feature articles and eventually a fictional novel.

Following her degree, Tracey lived in Canada for 8 months where she joined a published writers group. She also interned at Canadian news station BBN3 before returning home.

Alas, the traveling bug had landed and she didn’t stay long, packing up before long to live in Spain. She taught English there for 9 months and traveled to surrounding countries.

Her love for writing dragged her back and brought her to NUIG. She hopes to reach people through her words and maybe rock the boat a little.



DIGITAL CAMERAArts and Entertainment (Theatre and Literature): Karen McDonnell

Karen has just completed a BA Connect in Classics and History, with Writing.

She returned to NUI Galway as a mature student, having spent one glorious, but academically disastrous, year in UCG at the age of seventeen.

During her spare time, in her study in Co. Clare, she devises semi-criminal means of obtaining funding for the PhD she had to defer until 2014.

She is a member of the Clare Poets group. Her fiction, non-fiction, travel-writing, and poetry have been published in Crannóg, The Clare Champion, The Irish Times, and Freehand.

Poeticdiversity in Los Angeles will publish two excerpts from Unsettled. A West Bank Journal in November, and in April 2014.

She fears she may be channeling the Bloomsbury Set when it comes to her love of the semi-colon, and the Oxford comma.



ShannonArts and Entertainment (Online): Shannon McNamee

Shannon is a third year BA Connect with Irish Studies student, and is currently on Erasmus for one semester in Lille, France, despite her woeful French. Hence the title online entertainment editor.

She has been freelancing for over two years now and writes for The Daily Shift. She loves live music and going to gigs and festivals (and then writing about them!).

She hopes in the future to get a job in journalism, possibly like Irish Times writer Jim Carroll, head of On the Record, but she’s not fooling anyone. She just wants it for the free gigs.



P1000397Creative Corner Co-Ordinator: Helen Hughes

Helen Hughes is a County Galway native and a current undergraduate in her final year, studying English, Classics and Creative Writing.

Her third year in the BA Connect course allowed her to work, write, and travel to far-flung spots gathering stories and strange characters.

Helen has just finished an internship with Lilliput Press in Dublin. She has previously been published in the Connemara Journal, and has worked for such events as the Cúirt Literary Festival.

Among her favourite authors are Khaled Hosseini and Neil Gaiman. She once sold over a hundred copies of Fifty Shades in a single day while working in Easons, and blames this for her mission to promote new Irish literary talent.

Her first story was written on two pages of an Aisling copybook that plagiarised Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, before she knew it existed.

Loves poetry, drama, art and fiction in all its shapes and word counts.

She’s looking forward to reading your submissions.



21e3ceaSports (Campus and Local): Daragh Small

Daragh is a Bachelor of Arts Graduate from NUI Galway and is currently pursuing a Masters in Journalism.

Sport is his life and writing his passion. He has had experience within various facets of the media including work with the Galway Independent, Connacht Tribune and several leading sports website, not to mention his blog which has amassed over 15,000 views in less than two years (

Daragh has also had huge experience with Sin and this year taking up the job as co-editor has re-invigorated his love for the newspaper. He looks forward to working with all ye sports enthusiasts and budding journalists.

Don’t forget if you’re not in you can’t win.

Picture 3

Sports (National and International): Céimin Burke

Céimin is a Galway native currently in NUIG doing a Masters in Journalism. He was also in NUIG for his undergrad in Irish Studies, History and Philosophy.

He is deeply passionate about all kinds of sport and is greatly enthused by the prospect of editing Sin’s National and International Sports section.

Hurling will always be number one for Céimin but he is also deeply interested in Rugby, European football and American sports, basketball in particular.

He is looking forward to interacting with and learning from contributors and reading their work. Any sports story from anywhere in the world will be welcomed.



DSCN1504Web Administrator: Valeri Tarassov

Val started his career in news media when he was 15 and still in high school on a his home town local TV and radio station, started by a local activist. When he was 16 he held a live TV debate on local elections between several candidates for the local council.

He has worked in many places doing many different things in life. He is an enthusiast in computing and modern internet. He learned how to program and develop websites and is a big open source and Linux enthusiast. So if questions arise on that topic anyone is free to ask them.

He is in his second year of BA Public and Social Policy at National University of Ireland Galway. This is his second year working for Sin, having spent a first year as a journalist on opinion and political articles.