Sin Newspaper would be nothing without its dedicated team of editors and writers.

With approximately 140 people involved in Sin at various times, it’s no wonder we have such a great newspaper.

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Meet our Editorial Staff:

Editor in Chief: Jessica Thompson DSCF2594

Jessica is editing Sin for the third year running and is aiming to make this year of Sin bigger and better than before. With a few tricks up her sleeve, she plans to build Sin’s online presence while also teaching her team how to build up a portfolio of published work.

She graduated from NUI Galway in November 2012 with a Masters in Journalism and has ample experience in editing and online journalism. She is the co-founder and editor of The Daily Shift, which has a questionable name, but certainly catches attention (this website does not – repeat, does not - teach you how to get the shift… daily…).

Sin has been an enjoyable experience for Jessica, and this year she’s finding she can handle the pressure a lot better… Her housemate’s biscuits have not been eaten in a moment of stress, though the frequent all-nighters are still part of her fortnightly ritual.

She welcomes anyone to pay her a visit in her office on the concourse, and especially welcomes them when they bring tea. She likes her tea with milk and no sugar.

She prefers to be called Jess, as she thinks it makes her sound more cool and approachable and hip, though if she stopped lingering around Smokey’s and spying on people who are reading Sin (she’s always curious to see what they’re reading), perhaps people would actually approach her more often.

She is a fan of photography, listening to music from the 50s through 80s, and is partial to a nice cup of tea.

She is also quite fond of writing about herself in third person. You can keep up with her progress in life by following her on Twitter at @Jess__Thompson (that’s two underscores) or check out her website at



photoNews Editor (Campus and Local): Ciara Treacy

Ciara is studying a Masters in Journalism, although is continuously in denial over her status as a postgrad student.

After a high-flying sartorial year as Sin’s Lifestyle editor, she has now swapped over to the thriving world of Campus and Local News. This is quite fitting taking into account her passion for student issues and the fact she spent her weekend at the Local Election count while her friends were jetting off on J1s.

She writes articles on topics ranging from fashion bloggers to political opinions, and documents her postgrad in a regular column entitled ‘Catch 21’.

Her time is divided between gallivanting around campus on volunteering excursions, watching Gilmore Girls reruns and laughing at her own jokes.

One of her favourites is: guess who I bumped into in Specsavers? Everybody.




News Editor (National and International): Chelsea Tabert chelseabio

Chelsea is in the second year of her arts degree studying Journalism, Philosophy, and Sociological and Political Sciences. Although she is a foreigner to Ireland, this Canadian girl has a passion for current affairs, and international relations.

When she’s not avidly searching the globe for stories, she’s enjoying a cup of tea, reading an old novel, or on a Netflix binge in the dark depths of her abyss – her bedroom.

This will be Chelsea’s second year writing for Sin. Some would say her dashingly impressive personality and huge brain are what got her the position of editor, but Chelsea’s not quite that vain – she would disagree.

Unlike the rest of the editors, Chelsea does not enjoy writing in the third person and contemplated paying someone off to write it for her. Chelsea feels like Gollum speaking like this – naughty hobbitesses.

Chelsea has contributed to several newspapers in Canada, and has interned with CTV and Global News.

If she survives college, she is looking forward to pursuing a job as a foreign correspondent, perhaps in Asia or the Middle East.

After making herself sound like an incredibly isolate person, she might add that she genuinely has friends… that she may or may not pay. Feel free to approach her yourself to find out!




UntitledFeatures (Politics and Opinion): Eoin Molloy

Eoin is a third year student of Arts with Creative Writing who hails from Castlegar in County Galway.

He likes politics and he has more than his fair share of opinions, so it was only fitting that he should fill the role of politics and opinion editor here at Sin.

He also manages his own blog, TAB Magazine, which can be found at:

Unashamedly introverted, Eoin hopes to one day achieve his goal of being able to pose for a photo by himself, and not have to use cropped cuttings from other people’s Snapchat stories for important bios on news websites.

If he manages to achieve this goal, he will then set about attaining his secondary life aim: becoming a staff journalist at a leading national newspaper.



Features (Humour and Student Life):1491752_10203124934938194_5480913995996944139_n (1)

Áine is completing the final year of her Arts degree in English and French.

As a proud Donegal woman, she refuses to talk about the All Ireland Final 2014 and only drinks Football Special.

Áine has worked for several local newspapers, VIP Magazine Group (the one that makes Stellar), Hot Press and interned at INK Global in London this summer writing pieces for the Easyjet and Ryanair magazines.

She has spent the last three years writing for Sin and after rigorous scrutiny of her knock-knock jokes, has been appointed editor for student life and humour.

Unfortunately her battle with the French language hasn’t exactly been as successful…

When Áine is trying her best not to do work, she enjoys watching incredibly awful reality TV of the Extreme Couponing variety.

Feel free to send any funny articles or genuine bribes her way.



photo (15)Lifestyle (Beauty and Fashion): Ciara Treacy

Ciara Treacy is currently in her final year studying Public and Social Policy.

This is her second year writing for Sin and she is delighted to be overseeing the fashion and beauty pages, while also terrified she will be caught wearing a bad outfit and the writers will stage a coup against her.

She is really looking forward to working with a team of talented (and stylish!) writers in making the lifestyle section of Sin the new Vogue.

Ciara also likes to write for other sections of Sin, including news, humorous features and student issues, with a huge interest in student politics and the matters concerning students today.

She has worked as a Student Connect Mentor and Mentor Leader for incoming first year students and is currently an intern at the ALIVE volunteering programme at NUI Galway.

During the summer she discovered a passion for running which she directed towards completing two mini marathons in aid of charity.

Overall she’s generally up for the craic and a few Bruce Springsteen tunes.



Arts and Entertainment (Music): Austin Maloney10178048_247480222127741_5402838316952485589_n

Austin is a fourth-year Arts student from Galway. He’s managed to struggle through life with an ongoing music obsession for a few years now, so it made sense to gain some end-product from this obsession and start editing Sin’s music section this year.
Austin also occasionally takes a wander to write for other sections of Sin, and also does that thing where you turn written words into sound words at Flirt Fm, where he co-hosts the Tuesday Happy Hour.
He has all sorts of pretend serious life-goals that he tells people in order to impress them, but in reality he’d be happy just to meet David Bowie some day and maybe ask him for hair-care advice.



Arts and Entertainment (Film): Ken Glennon




Arts and Entertainment (Literature): Dean Buckley

Dean is a 3rd year Creative Writing student, originally from Tipperary, who also studies Philosophy and English.

Under his beard, one can find a keen interest in gender politics, religion and medieval poetry, and also the lost city of El Dorado.

He began his career at Sin by ranting about literature, and will continue to do so as literature editor, while also giving you lots of opportunities to join him. He also runs the Creative Corner.

As well as Sin, Dean writes for College People and The Daily Shift and tries to convince reputable people they should publish his fiction and poetry, to some avail.

He’s also vice-auditor of the Literary & Debating Society, because clearly he just has too much free time.

Dean is a recovering semi-colon addict and looks favourably on creative use of commas.



Arts and Entertainment (Theatre): Thomas Murray




Sports (Campus and Local): Michael Farrell




Sports (National and International): Kieran Kilkelly




Sports (Online): Matt Cassidy




Web Administrator: TBC