Sin Newspaper would be nothing without its dedicated team of editors and writers.

With approximately 140 people involved in Sin at various times, it’s no wonder we have such a great newspaper.

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Meet our Editorial Staff:

Editor in Chief: Jessica Thompson 

Jessica is editing Sin for the fourth year running and is aiming to make this year of Sin bigger and better than before. Jessica ThompsonWith a few tricks up her sleeve, she plans to build Sin’s online presence while also teaching her team how to build up a portfolio of published work.

She graduated from NUI Galway in November 2012 with a Masters in Journalism and has ample experience in editing and online journalism. She is the co-founder and editor of The Daily Shift, which has a questionable name, but certainly catches attention (this website does not – repeat, does not – teach you how to get the shift… daily…).

Sin has been an enjoyable experience for Jessica, and this year she’s finding she can handle the pressure a lot better… Her housemate’s biscuits have not been eaten in a moment of stress, though the frequent all-nighters are still part of her fortnightly ritual.

She welcomes anyone to pay her a visit in her office on the concourse, and especially welcomes them when they bring tea. She likes her tea with milk and no sugar.

She prefers to be called Jess, as she thinks it makes her sound more cool and approachable and hip, though if she stopped lingering around Smokey’s and spying on people who are reading Sin (she’s always curious to see what they’re reading), perhaps people would actually approach her more often.

She is a fan of photography, listening to music from the 50s through 90s, and is partial to a nice cup of tea.

She is also quite fond of writing about herself in third person. You can keep up with her progress in life by following her on Twitter at @Jessicadotie, find her on Facebook or check out her personal website at



News Editor (Print): Niamh Cullen

sinphotoNiamh is a MA Journalism student and barista by day, and a pen-wielding crime fighter by night. She’s very fawned of punny jokes. It’s her first year in the college, with Sin and in Galway generally, but she’s in love already.

So far Niamh’s had the pleasure of contributing to, GCN, Maynooth University’s The Print and a variety of SEO companies. As of September, she’s been appointed NUI Galway Correspondent for she’s stoked to dig into the local news Galway has to offer.

As a child, Niamh would often be found sitting in a sea of newspaper pages, not knowing how to reassemble them having pulled apart the contents. Not much has changed since.

Amongst many of her tattoos includes a boy and tiger on her upper left arm. If you can recognise them, you’re already her best friend.

Niamh loves convincing people to get wild hairstyles, poetry (especially slam), feng shui and debating. Her heroes include Roald Dahl, Frank O’Hara and Judith Butler, amongst many others.

Since a teenager, she has dreamt of becoming involved with Channel Four as a documentary researcher.

Although she chats almost incessantly, Niamh figures she’s an alright listener and welcomes a natter anytime.



News Editor (Online): To Be Announced 



Features (Print): Jenna Hodgins

Jenna Hodgins

Jenna is in her final year studying Arts at NUI Galway. It is also her fourth year contributing to Sin, so basically she’s a relic.

So far Jenna has edited the News, Lifestyle and now Features sections at Sin. She has also written for The Daily Shift and subedited for College People. As well as that, she works as a freelance writer.

As this year’s features editor, Jenna intends to make it the best yet and has a great team of writers to help her engage with and discuss issues relative to students and, of course, have the craic.

Considering Jenna is a workaholic, she studies Gaeilge part-time which means she won’t be able to make every Sin meeting on Mondays (cue sad face). However, she’s more than happy to arrange to grab a cup of tea, plus the mandatory yellow Snack bar, and chat about anything and everything.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, making lists, snuggling dogs, learning maps off-by-heart and reading random Wikipedia articles.

Tip: when sending Jenna your completed stories, attach a picture of either dogs or ducks and you will be forever in her good books. Oh, she’s a poet and [sic] didn’t even know it – depending on your ‘book’ pronunciation preference of course.

She will sacrifice the rhyme; she reads books not ‘bucks’.

To argue linguistics, discuss cute animals or just to say hello, you can contact Jenna at:



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