Guidelines for photos

  1. Photos must be of excellent quality: above 1 m pixels.
  2. Make sure to take bright photos as images can appear darker in print.
  3. Label all photos with a caption, including subjects’ names.
    Save the caption as the name of the file, and include it also in the text of the email.
  4. Remember: one good, high quality photo is better than numerous poor quality photos.
  5. Try to avoid Google Images. If you must, select copyright free images.
    Under ‘Advanced Options’ on Google Images, select ‘Only images labeled for reuse.’
    You can also specify image size within these options. Search ‘large’ or ‘extra large’.
  6. Take photos of out-and-about, Society & Club events, news related issues, sport, ents etc.
  7. To submit a photo, email it to taking care to observe the specified deadline.
  8. Email your photo in the following format:
    Subject Line: IMAGE – NEWSPAPER SECTION – Title of Relevant Article
    e.g. IMAGE – NEWS – Late grants cause hardship for students
    In the body of the email include:
    Your name.
    Your mobile number.
    If the image is not related to a specific article, briefly outline its purpose.e.g. “Images for out-and-about feature in Karma.”
    Attach relevant images.