De Bruyne and Salah neck and neck in Player of the Year battle


In recent times, an unusual trend in football fandom has ascended into prominence. Instead of supporting a club some people now opt to follow their favourite players, in some cases with an almost religious zeal. A quick browse through Twitter and you will find Messi Maniacs, Ronaldo Royalists and even the occasional Neymarite all steadfastly […]

It’s time to get excited about the World Cup


The 2018 World Cup looks set to be a cracker. Much negativity has surrounded the event due to Russia being the host nation. Politics seems to be the dominating the World Cup headlines following the recent struggles between England and Russia not to mention Vladimir Putin’s constant political machoness. The Sun recently published an article […]

Stand your ground and fight: Thoughts on Haye Bellew, Canelo’s tainted legacy, Chisora, college boxing and Khabib Ferguson


Kieran Molloy (Photo credit: Oughterard Boxing Club on Facebook) It is with some ironic amusement to see Dillian Whyte receive excess praise for knocking out a sub-standard Lucas Browne on the same card that Derek Chisora was fed an opponent who looked like he had wandered into the ring by mistake. There wasn’t much of […]

Mourinho says he won’t quit – but maybe he won’t get the chance to


With Manchester United’s underwhelming exit from the Champions League after their 2-1 aggregate loss to Sevilla in the last 16, the club and the fans have been re-evaluating the kind of expectations they hold for the team. In the intervening period manager Jose Mourinho has been seen making some bizarre outbursts in his press conferences, […]

NBA Playoffs: who to watch


Anything can happen in sport. That’s why we love it. Yet whilst anything can happen in sport, the Golden State Warriors are still favourites to win the Larry O’Brien While the question of “what teams are contending for the NBA championship this year?” may have a relatively routine answer with the Golden State Warriors are […]

Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker preview


The heavyweight division has caught fire again we are told.   Wilder, Fury, and Joshua, a triumvirate of superstars injecting a shot of pure ephedrine straight into the dead heart of a division that lost its soul somewhere along an autobahn circa 2008 eventually ending up as a roadie for a reunited hair metal band playing a garden centre in Stuttgart.  Joshua leads the cellular rejuvenation, the catalyst […]

VAR should be a force for good at the World Cup


Apart from slating managers and out of form players, video assistant referee (VAR) is the next most heated debate in 21st century football. In the Premier League a team seems to be robbed of points every weekend due to bad refereeing decisions.  The majority of referees seem to lack the fitness levels required in order to keep up with the play and can’t always view game incidents with 100 percent accuracy. Living in the […]

Could the end be near for Arsene Wenger at Arsenal?


Arsene Wenger has been on the receiving end of four consecutive defeats for the first time since 2002. Having once been recognised as the best manager in World Football, the Frenchman is now expected to finally be relieved of his duties.  Having served the Gunners for 21 years, Wenger has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. He has won […]

Poppies and ribbons showing sport still plagued by politics and religion


It’s often the go-to rhetoric of the governing bodies of the most popular sport on earth that sport and politics don’t mix nor do sport and religion. However, technically that’s a slight misdiagnosis. The truth is that they’ve been intertwined since the inception of the game. Whether we like it or not, many clubs and […]

First year student Aislinn Meaney making her mark in the Irish national squad

Since the start of the college year Aislinn Meaney has made two major step ups in her life.   First she moved away from home and into NUI Galway to start her college degree, something that nearly everyone reading this has probably experienced.  Her second step up was altogether much rarer.   On January 18 of this year, the Clare woman […]