Mary Lou, I hope your day won’t come


“Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam”. A proverb meaning “a country without a language is a country without a soul”. A proverb most of us have grown up learning in school, but one considered to be true for our country. Ireland is the land of culture. We are our language, we should show our grá […]

Feminism isn’t a VIP club


Clarifications is a column featuring raw, unapologetic commentary on all things gender. From women’s rights, to dating culture; enjoy as Claire VanValkenburg discusses the topics everyone is afraid to talk about.  Many women are told from a very young age to be a certain way, think certain things, and perform certain actions. People who identify as women […]

Peoplekind: the beginning of the end of the social justice movement


The word man, or any derivative thereof that is even slightly reflective of masculinity as a concept, has now become so toxic in everyday parlance that its very utterance can cause world leaders to squirm in their fancy socks. Or at least the above holds true in the case of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, […]

Clarifications: Young love is a game we are playing wrong


Clarifications is a column featuring raw, unapologetic commentary on all things gender. From women’s rights, to dating culture, enjoy as Claire VanValkenburg discusses the topics everyone is afraid to talk about. Wet shoes traipse over the sticky night club floor. Drink is spilt as they slip past each other, bumping shoulders and cups. They exchange […]

Food poverty: a problem we must face up to


In school, my third-year teacher shared an insider tip about how best to differentiate between the spelling of a saccharine, post-dinner course and an arid terrestrial landscape. “Dessert gets one more S,” Mrs Bourne said. “Because who doesn’t want more dessert?” In my third-year mind, the concept was simple – I would brave the piles […]

The perks of being single

SIngle Ladies

Valentine’s Day is approaching and along with it, the inevitable reminder to a significant portion of the population that they are, in fact, single. For a whole day in February, nay a whole week, shops and advertisements seem to be screaming at us, “Look at you, you have no significant other! You are alone! No […]

‘I don’t need to add to my teddy bear collection!’ What do NUI Galway students really think about Valentine’s Day?


As the chocolate-studded holiday approaches, some make plans with their special someone, some craft the perfect pickup line to land that date, while others wish the holiday would disappear. With each passing year holidays like Christmas and Easter seem to become more about selling a product, and less about the true meaning. We wanted to […]

Are “free fees” a pipe dream?

Protest 1

According to former NUI Galway president Dr James Browne the idea of free fees is “naïve”. He told the Irish Independent he sees a figure of €5,000 per annum as a starting point, with higher frees for science and engineering courses unless industry is willing to voluntarily subsidise the costs of those courses down to […]

Saying “I do” to enduring engagements


As always, Facebook is full of engagement statuses and posts after the holidays. Whether it was a present under the tree or taking ‘ringing’ in the new year to another level, engagements are inevitable this time of year. Single cynics everywhere ask themselves: is there a need? It’s officially 2018 and the ‘norm’ doesn’t exist […]

Are we feelin’ repealin’?

2017-03-08 14.49.08

2016 was the year where the impossible became possible. Beloved celebrities believed to be around for years to come passed away. Brexit was passed in a referendum. And a public misogynists became President of arguably the most powerful country in the world. These were results many did not expect. It seems that the quieter voter, […]