Breaking point: a note on the Rohingya refugee crisis


An estimated 687,000 Rohingya refugees have fled savage violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, and crossed into neighbouring Bangladesh since 25 August 2017. On this day, a military crackdown erupted in response to an initial attack against the oppressive police force by Rohingyas insurgents. The Rohingyas are an ethnic, linguistic and religious minority in Myanmar, a […]

OPINION: everyone should stop using Facebook


The time has come to give up on Facebook. It had already taken up too much of our lives and given our info for targeted-marketing, but they’ve finally gone for all-out political manipulation.  For anyone not in the know, Facebook has come under a lot of fire for selling users’ information to a company called Cambridge Analytica. In […]

OPINION: Facebook has value, we shouldn’t jump ship now


Facebook – an app we all want to delete sometimes, particularly now that it has emerged that users’ data was passed on to third parties. However there are still reasons to keep this nifty little social network in your pocket.  Like many people in this university who aren’t from Galway, you may be living away from your family and friends. You wouldn’t think it […]

Is there hope for the Pope?


When it was announced that Ireland was to receive the Pope in late August, once again we were reminded of the reality of the ongoing process of Ireland separating Church and State. For decades, Irish citizens have felt the effects of a constitution being filled with heavy church teachings, values and beliefs given a platform […]

Micro-plastic found in bottled water: why we should finally give up this environment-damaging practice


A recent study has found high levels of microplastics in bottled water and has discovered that 90% of the world’s most popular bottled water brands contain tiny pieces of plastic. The most common type of plastic fragment found was the same type of plastic used to make bottle caps- polypropylene. The bottles that were used […]

A note on Putin’s re-election


The re-election of Vladimir Putin was met with much chortling and cynical guffawing here in the West, coming swiftly after the startling Salisbury nerve-agent attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter. Putin’s election charade is generally viewed as a rigged affair, offering only a polished veneer of actual democracy that veils a state […]

Positive discrimination is still discrimination – but what can we do to prevent it?


Early in 2018, tech giant Google faced a number of lawsuits regarding discrimination against, wait for it, white male former employees. Such attempts to diversify their workforce have in fact, led to many lawsuits, including one from Arne Wilberg, who claims that YouTube illegally used quotas to hire more female, as well as more black and Latino engineers. Wilberg claims he was fired because he discovered and criticised this practice, which was allegedly covered […]

A new style of teaching – PE a welcome addition to Leaving Cert cycle


A polarisation seems to exist in society.  Not the haves and the have nots but rather the ones who go to the gym merely to tell people they go to the gym and those who go and don’t care whether anyone knows they are there. The latter group now feel pressure to be more vocal […]

Clarifications: The morality of deliberate childlessness


Clarifications is a column featuring raw, unapologetic commentary on all things gender. From women’s rights, to dating culture, enjoy as Claire VanValkenburg discusses the topics everyone is afraid to talk about.  According to a Pew Research Center study, one in five American women won’t have a child before menopause, a statistic that has doubled since 1970. People with uteruses cite lots of reasons for not wanting children: financial anxiety, […]

An analysis of the strained relationship between Ireland’s sports stars and the media


Martin O’Neill (Photo credit: Dagur Brynjólfsson on Flickr, Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 2.0) Attention of late has turned to relationship ruptures between sports figures and organisations and the media whose role is to cover them. MTK Global’s pugnacious boycott of Irish media along with high profile spats with Joe Schmidt and Jim Gavin, and […]