World playing catch-up with Ebola


The World Health Organisation has announced that deaths from Ebola now stand at over 4,900. With a little over ten thousand reported cases, the virus has a fatality rate at this time of over 50 per cent.

Study: Giant prehistoric kangaroos looked like rabbits, walked like humans


According to a new study, a giant relative of the kangaroo ambled around the Australian outback 100,000 years ago.

FBI investigate claims that McKayla Maroney was underage in alleged leaked photos


Investigators from the FBI are now exploring allegations that one of the victims of the now infamous ‘August iCloud Hacking’, US Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney, was under the age of 18 in some of the alleged images of her that were leaked to the internet.

European Union of Students: Education should be protected from austerity


The ESU has made calls for education to be protected from austerity measures. Isabella De Luca reports…

Rebel to the cause?


Will Rebel Wilson be in the final Hunger Games films? Ciara Molloy reports…

‘iWatch’ out for Apple’s new gadget


Apple appear to be moving on to their next funky gadget. Vincent Hughes reports…

The King is alive in Carlow

Elvis Presley

It turns out Elvis had Irish ancestors. James Falconer has the news…

It all began with a big onomatopoeia

Big Bang

What exactly do we know about the beginning of the universe? Shannon Fahy discusses…

Nicola Furlong’s murderer convicted

DCU student, Nicola Furlong, who was murdered in Tokyo after attending a Nicki Minaj concert last year.

The murderer of DCU student Nicola Furlong was sentenced today. Áine O’Donnell reports…

Francis I elected as Pope

Pope Francis I

The world’s 1.2 billion Catholics have a new Pope. Marése O’Sullivan reports…