Welfare Officer Candidate: Rebecca Tierney

Rebecca Tierney

Interviewed by Sorcha O’Connor Why are you running for election? The main reason I’m running, I feel there’s been a disconnect between the SU and the student body itself. I feel like they’re a little bit unapproachable, that’s it’s become an ‘us versus them’ thing and it’s become a little bit exclusive. I want it […]

Students’ Union Presidential Candidate: Niall Gaffney

Niall Gaffney

Interviewed by Sorcha O’Connor Why are you running for election? I think the role of Students’ Union President is an absolutely essential one and I think the person who fills that role has to be confident, experienced and passionate about the role – and I think I fit that category. What key skills/personality traits should […]

Students’ Union Presidential Candidate: Lorcán Ó Maoileannaigh

Lorcan OM

Interviewed by Sorcha O’Connor Why are you running for election? Over the past four years in college I’ve been heavily involved in class rep duties, student union duties, being involved in societies and I believe that this role is perfect, that I can completely fulfil it. I think it’s something I can hugely contribute in […]

Students’ Union Presidential Candidate: Eoghan Finn

Photo for Eoghan Finn SU Presidential ballot final version

Interviewed by Sorcha O’Connor Why are you running for election? I’m running for election because I want to help. I want to reclaim the Student’s Union for students essentially; I think it’s gotten distracted from its purpose over the past few years. That’s not a reflection on the people in it, they’re doing a great […]

Students’ Union Presidential Candidate: Diarmuid Ó Curraoin


Interviewed by Sorcha O’Connor Why are you running for election? I’m running for election because I would like to make a positive contribution to the student body and indeed the university. I’ve been an executive officer for the past year, I’ve been the convenor for business, law and public policy and in my time there […]

Students’ Union Presidential Candidate: Catherine Ryan


Interviewed by Heather Robinson Why are you running for election? There is probably a lot I could definitely say here but I honestly do feel like I’m the best and most experienced person for the job. I suppose running for Student Union President is not something you do consider lightly and although I did only […]

SU President highlights role of the Students’ Union as election race commences


Thursday 23 February saw the start of another Student Union election race in NUI Galway. Students are competing for the role of President, Welfare Officer and Education Officer, the three full-time positions in the Students’ Union. As candidates launch their campaigns over the next week, Student Independent News spoke with current Students’ Union President Jimmy […]

NUI Galway student investigates link between alcohol and falls in university students


A final year Occupational Therapy student in NUI Galway is conducting research into the relationship between alcohol-induced falls on nights out and the occupational dysfunction of Irish university students. Sarah Rath has invited students in NUI Galway who may have experienced a fall or a fall-related injury on a night out to take part in […]

Galway call to legalise medicinal cannabis


On Thursday 26 January, a public meeting was held on the legalisation of medicinal cannabis by People Before Profit Galway. The well-attended meeting, of about fifty people, was chaired by Joe Loughnane of the Galway Anti-Racism Network and included a panel calling for this legalisation of the whole cannabis plant. Gino Kenny, TD, was the […]

Over 1,300 attend smash-hit Akumakon convention on campus


Akumakon is the only anime and manga convention held in the West of Ireland, and took place in a across the NUI Galway campus from Friday 20 to Sunday 22 January. Once before almost completely unknown to the world outside Japan, manga (Japanese comics) and anime (Japanese animation) have become a global phenomenon. Akumakon 2017 […]