Lost Looks: 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll


Rock ‘n’ Roll was a phenomenon like no other. Loved by teenagers as the music of a generation and loathed by parents and religious figures alike, it brought rebellion and sex appeal, not forgetting some pretty slick hairdos. It gave a song to a voiceless generation and has stayed that way ever since. Socially, musically […]

Shady business: have Penneys overstepped the mark copying Kim?


We have to admit Penneys are killing it recently with their makeup releases. The products are ultra pigmented and are praised by beauty bloggers. However, Penneys have been criticised for having their dupe products looking very similar to the original and the latest release from the high street giant is pretty much an exact match for the Kim Kardashion West products.    Kim […]

Black gowns are a vital piece of the Times Up jigsaw

Times Up

So far, this year’s entertainment award ceremonies have been far less colourful than usual- but they have been a lot more interesting. The latest protest occurred at the BAFTA awards, where countless celebrities adorned black clothing as they strutted down the red carpet. The bleak colour scheme was used as a tool to unify Hollywood’s finest. A […]

Styled by the stars: Pisces


It’s your time to shine, Pisces. You breeze through life. Always chill and easy going, your style should be no exception. Try these comfy, casual polka dot tapered leg trousers. They’re available from Pretty Little Thing for just €11.20. You’re a gentle soul that needs a perfect pair of shoes to match. These white flatform […]

Lost Looks: The 60s “British Invasion” Inspiration


The title of “The British Invasion” is given to the specific genre of music in the sixties that influenced the British and American culture both socially and creatively. With the arrival of British pop bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones into America at the beginning of this decade, their musical influence grew faster […]

Wardrobe must-have: The leather skirt


A faux leather skirt is (or at least should be) a staple item for college goers and fashion icons alike. Its common popularity can often make it feel benign amongst fashion looks but with the right styling and shoes its easy to revamp this look into something fabulous. Whether its grabbing a coffee in Smokey’s […]

Return of the ugly UGG


UGG boots are back with a bang, or a slouch rather. The infamous snug boot from our childhood has once again made its way back into the fashion world. I have to confess, in my ignorant youth I donned a pair of black (fake) UGGs. I paid around €12 for them. I now realise this […]

Lost Looks: 70’s Glam Rock

Lost looks look one

“Lost Looks” is a new feature in the Lifestyle and Fashion section of SIN. These articles will be dedicated to studying musicians that influenced a specific genre and their impact on fashion during this time. The purpose of these pieces is to show a connection between the music in an era and its effect on […]

Plus Size Models: A response to Donal O’Shea’s interview with The Sunday Independent


Irish Professor Donal O’Shea (Ireland’s leading obesity expert) has spoken out recently against the ‘plus size revolution’ in modelling. Twenty-seven ‘plus size’ models were seen on the catwalks during New York fashion week this year, the most in the event’s history. O’Shea puts forward the viewpoint that ‘curvy’ models are sending out the wrong message […]

Returning trends: The trends that need to move over into 2017

bomber jackets collage 2

Where to begin? Although I’m almost certain we can all agree 2016 was a bit of a brutal year, it was kind to the world of fashion, bringing some of the best trends into our lives. Think of these trends as a silver lining in the year of Trump. Here at SIN Fashion we hope […]