How to feed yourself: plus two easy recipes

Photo via Flickr: Jeffreyw

Mammy’s not cooking this week; time to learn a new skill!

Teddies grin and bear it at hospital’s tenth anniversary

Overcrowding and delays were not an issue at one particular hospital recently, with over 1,500 sick teddy bears treated in the space of two days on the NUI Galway campus.

NUI Galway Kendo Club Profile

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Who are we? We are a budding university club currently looking to establish a venue and training times. We are doing this so that students and staff can share in our thorough enjoyment of this safe, yet vigorous and full-contact sport. What is Kendo? Kendo is the traditional Japanese martial art of fencing. Practitioners use […]

Ivan Fahy: The boy who graduated in high heels

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From Sin to the Sun to Midday on TV3, Ivan Fahy is becoming a more and more prominent figure for the LGBT community. The androgynous model recently graduated from NUI Galway wearing heels. Ivan later appeared in Sin Newspaper with a self-written account of why he did it. You can find his article here: Breaking Tradition. His story […]

F.A.O John Brennan (AKA The Beard Man) – “To Beard or not To Beard?”


Most Almighty Beard Man, We would like to commend you on your efforts at making NUIG a better, beardier place to be. Although unable to grow beards ourselves, due to our dysfunctional facial follicles and lack of testosterone, we are avid beard activists who wish to encourage the male species to be more comfortable and […]

Breaking Tradition

2013-05-16 at 12-35-50

I’m the boy that graduated in high heels. Yes, him. I’m Ivan Fahy. I’m an androgynous model, a gender and LGBT activist, and a recent graduate of Psychology and Sociology & Politics. I decided to graduate in high heels simply because I wanted to and my graduation day was exactly that – mine – so I would exercise autonomy and […]

GTI place live models in Brown Thomas Windows

Photo by Anne Jennings

The GTI Fashion Fiesta held the ‘Live Windows’ display in Brown Thomas on 1 April. The event marked the beginning of the big event, including the catwalk down Shop Street and the Fashion Show lead by leading Irish Designer Laura Jayne Halton.

A brand new social network (that probably won’t appeal to naturists)


Are you getting bored of Facebook and Twitter? Got an interest in fashion? Great! We’ve got just the network for you…

Major developments in HIV research

Kiri Renssen

There have been some major developments in HIV research, and Kiri Renssen can explain exactly what those developments are…

Exams are coming: 7 tips to make sure you’re ready.

John Mulry

Sin’s regular health and fitness columnist, John Mulry of Expect Success Fitness, talks us through seven ways to make sure we’re ready for that time of year…