Only worth it if you’re perfect: why L’Oreal’s attitude is damaging to us all


Last month, beauty blogger Kadeeja Khan, aka @emeraldxbeauty on Instagram, claimed she was fired from a L’Oréal project for having “skin issues”, according to their statement. Khan was understandably distraught when she was informed of the bad news via email. She called out L’Oréal publicly on Instagram, saying “I’m already use to ‘trolls’ trying & […]

Lost Looks: ’90s Grunge


Music and fashion have always been big influencers in our world. The way we dress, how we act, what we listen to, their reach is endless. But is there a connection between these two trendsetters? Can what we listen to stretch even further into our style and look? The purpose of this series is to […]

Top tips to get a good night’s sleep before exams


The most beneficial thing when trying to get a good night’s sleep is to be patient. Don’t fall into frustrations and set high expectations for your night’s rest. You’ll sleep eventually. Worrying too much about utter relaxation is a baffling thing, but something we struggle to realise. However, if you need extra help try the following […]

Q & A with Emer Rutherford from Penneys to Prada


This issue Irish Blogger and YouTuber Emer Rutherford answers our must know questions on the hottest summer trends, social media pressures and even adds some advice for budding bloggers. Take notes! Q: What inspired you to start your blog? A: As I was finishing school and going into a computer degree, I knew I wouldn’t […]

Makeup hacks to look stress-free during exams


It should go without saying that you should get at least 8 hours sleep, eat healthily, take time to relax and wash daily during the exam period… however, we all know that’s all going to go out the window come the first week of our exams. Although we may not feel so great at this […]

Finger piercings: Are engagement rings a thing of the past?


It’s crazy to think that in 50 years’ time we might be passing down an heirloom to our grandchildren and reminiscing about our wedding day as they hold a crusty old piercing in their hands. Dermal piercings are becoming more and more popular and even more so in a romantic sense. These piercings make it appear […]

Mom jeans on the rise

Mom jeans

Mom jeans are making a comeback. What next, Grandma crop tops?  Maybe give it a couple years. Wave goodbye to skinny jeans and distressed designs, mom jeans are the new sheriffs in town. No longer will our leg circulation be cut off by the restriction of skinny jeggings, so long are the days of low rise style trousers.  […]

Should we stop scrolling and start phoning?


Social media has undoubtedly changed the way in which we communicate. Gone are the days of hour-long phone calls after 6 o’clock and screaming at people to get off the internet while manually pressing buttons on a non-portable phone. Even pieces of furniture have become obsolete, with telephone chairs now gathering dust, and a shiny white broadband modem sitting proudly in the […]

Feminism should not limit your wardrobe choices


Words can be fickle things. At first glance, they may seem innocuous and uncontroversial, a tool of language with a simple meaning. However, it soon becomes clear that these tools can be taken hold of, modified and put to a different use. Whole other meanings can be conveyed and inferred through this manipulation of language. […]

Easter gifting inspiration

Beauty egg

Easter in Ireland used to be a grim affair. Sure, there was way more chocolate in the Easter Eggs back then but getting them meant sitting through 40 days of Lent. Fortunately, the Easter Bunny has appeared in stores quite promptly this year compared to days gone by so why not treat yourself or your mates to the best pastel knick-knacks the shops have to offer?  […]