The hidden reality of invisible illnesses

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Recently, one Sin writer witnessed a student getting scolded for waiting to use the toilets catered for disabilities. Her reply was that she has a disability and it had nothing to do with them.

Do the text-obsessed need their own lane?

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US university introduces a separate lane for screen-obsessed pedestrians

Is the Irish language still important?

An Gaeltacht

The question of the importance of the Irish Language in Ireland has been a hot topic for the past few years, from the controversial proposal of Fine Gael to consider moving the Irish subject from compulsory to optional in second level schools and the decision of Enda Kenny to employ Joe McHugh, a non-Irish speaking […]

Campus Sexual Assault among US university students: are there European parallels? ‏

The Hunting Ground

Documentary entitled The Hunting Ground exposes levels of sexual assault on US campuses.

Please Talk combats mental illness on campuses across the country

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“Something had changed; it was as if I had lost something precious that I could never get back.”

“The University is all of us and we should back our university”


Lit&Deb Soc holds Gender Equality Panel

Rape and Consent: Number of reported rapes in Galway doubles in 12 months

Jenna Hodgins

Don’t walk home alone: how about we stop rape happening in the first place?

Being transgender, web comics and mini-muffins: a chat with cartoonist Sophie Labelle


It’s 12.40pm on Friday afternoon, and my editor Jess and I are brisk-walking into college from the Blackbox theatre car park after failing to find a spot amidst the university open day rush.

NUI Galway graduates making progress in mobile gaming industry


Galway-based game development studio, 9th Impact, have released their second mobile game

Jeremy Corbyn: too radical to lead the UK?


It is hard for some people in Ireland – especially for students – to “get” why Jeremy Corbyn has attracted such a visceral reaction among much of the British press.