“Mentally I just went from mile to mile”: Galway teacher wins seven marathons in seven days

Galway teacher Gary Thornton has won the World Marathon Challenge, which involves running seven marathons in seven straight days. Not only did Thornton win the challenge outright but he also won each of the seven individual marathons. These races were held across each of the seven continents throughout the world, starting in Antarctica on 30 […]

Unconventional ways to reach 10,000 steps a day

Since the rise of activity trackers such as the eye-roll inducing Fitbit, there seems to be a general air among people that we have to reach that elusive 10,000 steps a day to have made that day worthwhile. While studies show that most people only reach half of that goal (oh, the shame), the health […]

Return of the ugly UGG

UGG boots are back with a bang, or a slouch rather. The infamous snug boot from our childhood has once again made its way back into the fashion world. I have to confess, in my ignorant youth I donned a pair of black (fake) UGGs. I paid around €12 for them. I now realise this […]

The best ways to combat J1 FOMO

We are nearly half way through our final semester, and summer already seems so close. People have their holidays planned out with half of the university going on a J1 and the remainder jetting off to Canada. Is all this talk starting to make your summer job at home in Ireland sound even more miserable […]

CCAFS society on mission to reduce waste on campus

Members of the Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security (CCAFS) society are spreading awareness about consumption and waste through creative initiatives around campus. Every two weeks 1 million coffee cups are thrown into Irish landfills, and washing clothes sends millions of microplastics into the ocean. But with such a largescale problem, is it possible for […]

House-hunting 101

Every year students across Galway embark on the tedious, stressful and all-consuming task of finding a place to live for the semester. While summer is supposed to be stress-free and fun, a number of students are set to spend the three months scrolling through the likes of daft.ie and rent.ie and checking newspaper advertisements daily, […]

Clarifications: Young love is a game we are playing wrong

Clarifications is a column featuring raw, unapologetic commentary on all things gender. From women’s rights, to dating culture, enjoy as Claire VanValkenburg discusses the topics everyone is afraid to talk about. Wet shoes traipse over the sticky night club floor. Drink is spilt as they slip past each other, bumping shoulders and cups. They exchange […]

What does ‘Ask for Angela’ say about society and sexual assault?

On February 6, the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign started working with nightclubs and pubs in Cork city to help people who feel at risk while out socialising. The initiative aims to combat harassment and sexual assault. “With the increase in online dating, we want to help create an extra feeling of security and offer a […]

“It was a surprise moment,” says Rose of Tralee Jennifer six months into reign

Rose of Tralee Jennifer Byrne has had a whirlwind six months. The former NUI Galway medicine student told SIN her next adventure will take her to Chernobyl with the Adi Roche Foundation – something she said would prove to be a difficult but rewarding journey. “I have watched a few documentaries about Chernobyl, and I […]

New Zealand’s Prime Minister is pregnant – should we talk about it?

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced her first pregnancy this month and recieved mixed reactions, spurring conversations about motherhood, politics and media. According to The Guardian, over 800 news stories relating to the pregnancy have been published, earning it the title “Jacindababymania.” Some commentators are bashing the media for being sexist, while others have […]