Should RAG Week become official again?


Last month saw the return of the nationally renowned ‘Galway RAG Week’, a RAG week with a difference. There are few other places that can announce with glee that ‘our RAG week is so amazing, it has been banned’, a privilege bestowed on Galway some time ago. The first dramatic headlines of the week didn’t [...]

Giving up on Giving


Well, Unofficial RAG Week (Raising And Giving Week) has come and gone, but one question still remains; is NUI Galway’s ban on the widely observed party-week a case of cutting off one’s nose to spite its face? Since NUIG’s ban on the eventful charity-fundraising week back in 2011, many believe that the only changes to [...]

Bright Eyes Frontman Accused of Rape


In a recent post in the comment section of feminist website Bright Eyes front man, Conor Oberst, has been accused of raping a 16 year old fan ten years ago when Oberst was 23. The accusation was made by an anonymous poster who later deleted her comment which claimed that her English teacher at [...]

How to survive this Christmas


Nippy weather and Rudolph jumpers. Crisp dark evenings spent in front of a blazing open fire cradling a mug of hot chocolate, frosted window panes, patterned mittens, Christmas dinner and furry collars. Wearing new fluffy PJs. Drinking spiced mulled wine laced with brandy while dining on mince pies with a generous dollop of cream. Board [...]

What We Love About Christmas: Shopping


Chelsea Tabert tells us about the dreaded Christmas shopping, and why she loves it…

What We Love About Christmas: Decorations

Christmas decorating can be a very magical part of the holiday season

There are many things we all love, and hate about the Christmas season. Chelsea Tabert tells us about the magic of Christmas decorating…

“What I’m Looking Forward to Most is a Beer”


Daragh Small discusses the recent release of John Gilligan from Portlaoise Prison…

Why are we so obedient?


Following a very interesting social experiment, James Falconer discusses obedience and why so many of us are obsessed with it…

Jeremy Irons lacking steel

Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons visited NUI Galway in September to open the 167th year of Lit and Deb Soc. James Falconer offers his opinions of the debate…

Pat Kenny vs Sean O’Rourke: an analysis


The drama with Pat Kenny and RTE was all over the news only a month ago, and with Sean O’Rourke taking Kenny’s place in RTE, Daragh Small analyses the performance of both…