The revival of Adidas

Image from Adidas website

Imagine yourself in a situation like this: It’s a typical college day in Galway. You wake up at 10:40am with high hopes that you’ll make your 11am lecture in the Concourse. Quickly, you strip out of your pyjamas and run to your wardrobe (or perhaps take half a step from your bed to your press […]

Confessions of a Provisional Driver

L plates

“Don’t get too cocky, Aisling. Not every lesson will go well.” My mother’s words were quite prophetic. Days after returning from Sziget festival, lessons five and six were on the horizon. Not to exaggerate in any way, but after the week-long festival I was quite literally dying. I couldn’t breathe deeply, exhale quickly or giggle […]

Yellow Brick Road: Procrastination Station


It’s procrastination time again, as Hazel Doyle discusses in her latest ‘Yellow Brick Road’ column…

Hat’s Off: Keeping cool while staying hot

Hats Off

In this week’s Hat’s Off column, Órla Ryan gives us some much-needed tips on how to dress for the weather…

A day out for the Paddys

Chicago River is turned green for the occasion.

Paddy’s Day has passed us by but Joyce Fahy takes a look at what the Irish holiday and Paddys’ Day out means…

St. Paddy’s Day of our Childhood

Characters like these are very common on March 17th.

We all remember the days of making cards, badges and decorations in Primary School for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Áine O’Donnell tells her version of this memory…