Fans flock to delete Snapchat alongside their Idols


Snapchat has been one of the most popular social media platforms since its launch in 2011. But in the past few months its reputation has plummeted, with a landslide of user’s reverence for the instant photo messaging diminished to the point of actual deletion. Snapchat’s recent update certainly may have damaged the app’s reputation, with […]

Clarifications: Dear Ireland, the world is watching


It’s a funny thing to feel completely prepared to live abroad. Then realize after saving for years, buying outlet converters, and booking a plane ticket across the Atlantic that you forgot about one thing: contraception. Four days before I left the country to study abroad at NUI Galway, I was watching Irish documentaries. It was […]

Moving back home for the summer


Let’s be honest. No student is ever 100% happy moving home for the summer. Giving up your freedom, not seeing your best friends for months and the lack of Boojum deliveries at the click of a button are some of the main reasons for not wanting to go home. Why on earth would you want […]

Taoiseach visits NUI Galway for briefing on Project Ireland 2040


As events go, the type that involve the leader of a small country are well choreographed, scripted and managed. This briefing fitted firmly into that definition. There was a strong showing of local TDs and familiar faces from the local political circuit, time was pretty well adhered to and a few minutes before the arrival, […]

In conversation with Irish YouTube sensation Melanie Murphy


Last week my Dad told me that a “famous YouTuber” was coming to the local college back home, Dundalk Institute of Technology, where he lectures. I asked who the YouTuber in question was and he handed me a printed email, revealing that it was none other than Melanie Murphy. She was giving a talk on […]

COPE Domestic Violence Services wants to change the conversation around domestic violence


New manager of COPE Galway Domestic Violence Refuge & Outreach Service Carol Baumann told SIN how the service wants to raise awareness about how asking women why they don’t leave abusive relationships is harmful for survivors. “Let’s stop blaming the woman and expecting her to find solutions when she is living under stress and tyranny,” […]

The heroes and saviours of Ireland’s big chill

storm emma

It seems somewhat surreal that we were hit with such a monstrous volume of snow during the end of February and beginning of March when Storm Emma made landfall and covered the entire country in snow. As expected, we were barely able to cope, and the entire country was essentially put into a state of […]

Net neutrality and the FCC: a disaster in the making


On 14 December 2017, the FCC’s Republican majority approved Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to gut net neutrality protections. The FCC overturned the regulations on internet freedom that was established under the Obama administration in a three-to-two vote.  Net neutrality is the internet’s guiding principle: it preserves our right to communicate freely online. Thanks to it, the internet is seen more as a utility rather than a […]

Mary Lou, I hope your day won’t come


“Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam”. A proverb meaning “a country without a language is a country without a soul”. A proverb most of us have grown up learning in school, but one considered to be true for our country. Ireland is the land of culture. We are our language, we should show our grá […]

LinkedIn 101: the student guide


Founded in 2002, LinkedIn is a business and employment orientated social networking system that is owned by Microsoft. With over a quarter of a billion users, it has come to light that the fastest growing demographic on the site is now students. A solid resume just isn’t enough anymore and so over 30 million students […]