Net neutrality and the FCC: a disaster in the making


On 14 December 2017, the FCC’s Republican majority approved Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to gut net neutrality protections. The FCC overturned the regulations on internet freedom that was established under the Obama administration in a three-to-two vote.  Net neutrality is the internet’s guiding principle: it preserves our right to communicate freely online. Thanks to it, the internet is seen more as a utility rather than a […]

Mary Lou, I hope your day won’t come


“Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam”. A proverb meaning “a country without a language is a country without a soul”. A proverb most of us have grown up learning in school, but one considered to be true for our country. Ireland is the land of culture. We are our language, we should show our grá […]

LinkedIn 101: the student guide


Founded in 2002, LinkedIn is a business and employment orientated social networking system that is owned by Microsoft. With over a quarter of a billion users, it has come to light that the fastest growing demographic on the site is now students. A solid resume just isn’t enough anymore and so over 30 million students […]

The best brunch spots in Galway


From Monday to Friday there’s only one thing students look forward to, a weekend worth of lie ins. After a week of long lectures and late nights of studying, weekends provide a welcome reprieve from the stress of college life. But after catching up on a few extra hours of sleep, the next best thing about […]

No filter is enough to hide ugly Snapchat update


The Snapchat update version has left outraged users scrambling to find ways to uninstall the update, scratching their head wondering where they can find their own story never mind their friends’.   Advertising has also expanded with companies like McDonald’s now using 10 second spaces between your friends’ stories to promote their products. However is social media’s purpose not to bring together a community of your friends and family and sharing […]

Niall O’Tuathail to students: “You are incredibly powerful and you don’t know it”


Founded by three sitting TDs in July 2015, the Social Democrats had high hopes of a breakthrough in the last general election especially since one of those TDs, Stephen Donnelly, made a splash with his performance in the television debate featuring all seven party leaders in the Dáil. But the party came back with no […]

“The frequency of microplastics was one of the highest that has ever been found.” Ocean plastic study leaves us wondering, what now?

(Source: Oregon State University on Flickr)

Microplastics (Source: Oregon State University on Flickr) Lorna Shaughnessy didn’t move to Galway just to be a lecturer in the NUIG Spanish Department, she fell in love with the rugged Connemara landscape and crisp ocean waves crashing against the Burren. Now, years later, she is concerned about the increasing amount of plastic she sees washed […]

MEET YOUR CANDIDATES: Welfare and Equality Officer candidate Georgia Feeney

Georgia Feeney

Why are you running for election? For the last couple of years I have been your regular student, and then I have also volunteered with the SU. Then this year I also started working with them at the SU desk and I think from having all those experiences I have been able to see how […]

MEET YOUR CANDIDATES: Welfare & Equality candidate Clare Austick

clare austick

Why are you running for election? I am running for the position of Vice/Welfare and Equality Officer because I’m driven quite strongly to help provide care for others and I’ve been involved with the Students’ Union for a number of years now. I’ve been a class rep for two years and as a current part-time […]

MEET YOUR CANDIDATES: Students’ Union Presidential candidate John Molony

John Molony

Why are you running for election? One of the big reasons is that I am from Cork and I had never been to Galway when I was younger, so when I first came here everyone was so friendly and I really fell in love with the city straight away. That is something I wanted to […]