Catalonia says yes


9 November, marked an important/disappointing day for the independentistas in Catalonia, Spain. An unofficial poll regarding the sovereignty of Catalonia was carried out with almost two million Catalans taking part.

Student Experience: My Harassment Story

Anonymous teenager in mask on internet at night. Photo via Getty Images.

I’ve decided to share this story. It is an apology. I want the world to know that I am sorry, but I can’t reveal my identity for fear that it would compromise him or anyone he is associated with.

CÉIM: New academic peer support scheme for Engineering students


Being a first year in college can be difficult, especially for Engineering students. The hours are long and there are lots of assignments to be done. When I started in Engineering last September, CÉIM was just beginning.

Celebrity activism and Islamaphobia


  Celebrity activism is one of the worst phenomena particular to the modern age by just about any reasonable measure.

Blocking Sinn Féin’s referendum at QUB would be a defeat for democracy


Queen’s University Belfast’s branch of Sinn Féin recently petitioned for a referendum on a United Ireland at the educational institute.

That’s what friends are for: Ireland’s casual cronyism


“Paddy, don’t you know the Baileys? Good old boys in a big tent at the races.” These are lyrics from Bell X1’s ‘Sugar High’: an ode to Fianna Fáil’s tent at the Galway races occupied by Bertie and his boys once upon a time.

Irelands’ Climate Culture: Great on Rhetoric, Painful when it comes to Action


The impacts of climate change are no longer just in the paper, or in far flung tropical countries, they are right on our door step.

Galway bike rental scheme faces further setbacks

Bike Scheme

Galway City Council has yetagain shown its incompetence in city planning, this time with the proposed bike rental scheme.

ISIS and the Freedom of the Press


The nature of war reporting has changed. The beheadings of journalists James Foley and Stephen Sotloff by IS militants in Syria exemplified that reporters and journalists in the Middle-East are now considered to be legitimate targets, PR fodder and bargaining chips to be used against the West.

Unexpected results in Dublin South-West/Roscommon-South Leitrim Bye-elections


Michael Fitzmaurice, the ‘Ming’ dynasty candidate, who through a combination of his mentor’s backing and his forceful contributions on the TV and radio debate managed to gain 18.7% of the first preferences in the constituency compared to Connaughton’s 22%.