Oscars 2018: fan service or social movement?


While 2018’s Academy Awards ratings hit an all-time low, there was much to say, and much to be said, at and about the awards show. This year’s Oscars marked the 90th occurrence of the ceremony, with Jimmy Kimmel returning to host on Monday 5 March. While Saoirse Ronan and Cartoon Saloon’s The Breadwinner were nominated for Best Actress and Best Animated Feature Film respectively, the […]

‘King of Ireland’ Pat McDonagh visits NUI Galway


On 6 March NUI Galway’s BizSoc and the Career Development Centre held an event entitled ‘An Evening with Pat McDonagh’ with an interview section followed by a Q&A with the man himself and the 200 students in attendance. Organisers took the time at the beginning of the evening to explain that it was the founder […]

In conversation with Irish YouTube sensation Melanie Murphy


Last week my Dad told me that a “famous YouTuber” was coming to the local college back home, Dundalk Institute of Technology, where he lectures. I asked who the YouTuber in question was and he handed me a printed email, revealing that it was none other than Melanie Murphy. She was giving a talk on […]

Lost Looks: 80s New Wave Craze


This week’s Lost Looks musical genre is difficult to sum up in a single word. Composed using an array of genres and instruments from electro to punk with guitars and keyboards, “new wave” was a genre like no other. New wave’s musical origins date back to the late seventies but its real popularity began in […]

A new style of teaching – PE a welcome addition to Leaving Cert cycle


A polarisation seems to exist in society.  Not the haves and the have nots but rather the ones who go to the gym merely to tell people they go to the gym and those who go and don’t care whether anyone knows they are there. The latter group now feel pressure to be more vocal […]

COPE Domestic Violence Services wants to change the conversation around domestic violence


New manager of COPE Galway Domestic Violence Refuge & Outreach Service Carol Baumann told SIN how the service wants to raise awareness about how asking women why they don’t leave abusive relationships is harmful for survivors. “Let’s stop blaming the woman and expecting her to find solutions when she is living under stress and tyranny,” […]

Four NUI Galway students on a mission to make Galway plastic free – with plans for bring-your-own lunchbox campaign


Kayleigh Flynn, Claire Coleman, Caolan Kelly and Patrick Hurley are four second-year biomedical science students and they are on a mission to make Galway plastic free. The four students have undertaken an environmental project as part of their Community Knowledge Initiative Programme module. Their project ‘Make Galway Plastic Free’ ultimately aims to raise awareness of the wastefulness of single-use plastics.  “Initially we […]

Students elect first female SU president in almost a decade


After months of thoughtful planning and a tireless week of campaigning, NUI Galway’s next Students’ Union officers have been elected for the upcoming academic year. As the t-shirts are being put away and leaflets recycled, the three new full-time officers are beginning to prepare themselves for their new roles and shared their excitement about the election results with SIN.   […]

Poppies and ribbons showing sport still plagued by politics and religion


It’s often the go-to rhetoric of the governing bodies of the most popular sport on earth that sport and politics don’t mix nor do sport and religion. However, technically that’s a slight misdiagnosis. The truth is that they’ve been intertwined since the inception of the game. Whether we like it or not, many clubs and […]

An analysis of the strained relationship between Ireland’s sports stars and the media


Martin O’Neill (Photo credit: Dagur Brynjólfsson on Flickr, Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 2.0) Attention of late has turned to relationship ruptures between sports figures and organisations and the media whose role is to cover them. MTK Global’s pugnacious boycott of Irish media along with high profile spats with Joe Schmidt and Jim Gavin, and […]