Three Poems – Tony Gapper


Three poems by MA in Writing Student, Tony Gapper.

He Came Wandering

The Halloween air was tender. Tracy and her Jock had decided to camp for the night.

Prose ‘Knitting’


Knitting Wool is bought in a shop. It’s white and soft. It’s going to become a cardigan for a little girl to wear on her Holy Communion day. Two large balls are bought and a pattern chosen. They are paid for and carried home in a brown paper bag, placed inside a little shopping bag […]

Poetry competition reminder


Sin Poetry Competition   Calling all poets on campus – SIN needs you! It’s time for the annual SIN poetry Competition. This year’s judge is the Galway-based poet and writer, Fred Johnston. A founder of Cúirt literature festival and the Forge Festival at Gort, which takes place next month. Fred Johnston also runs Galway’s Western […]

The Blade

Library Book

I was reminded of February 2013 during a late day in February 2014. Back then I was researching in the James Hardiman Library for a paper I chose to compose on the writer André Gide. I was being a silly creative writing first-year who worked on a subject that was a little outside of his grasp, but […]

Fiction – The Bridge


The Bridge   He slid two twenty euro notes across the table. “That’s all we have left,” he said, but that didn’t stop her when she reached for them. That could easily be a lie, but Mabel didn’t think so. It had been hard living these last few months, and most caches of savings were […]

Poetry – ‘The Bells on my Harness’


It’s that time again; the lights are up, the songs are being piped out of the shops and Santa is starting to put the elves to hard work. But what about the reindeer? This week Michael Healy wonders if its all not looking a little bit like a reindeer Christmas chain-gang…   The Bells on […]

Fiction – My Week With Minions


Who wouldn’t love a pack of little, yellow, evil masterminds to worship your every scheme? If not then you clearly need to get acquainted with Despicable Me ASAP. This week Shannon McHugh writes how she would spend a week with minions by her side.

New Halloween Fiction – ‘The Submission’


With one day left to go until All Hallows Eve, Liam King’s short story brings the supernatural to NUIGalway, leaving us with the protagonist, Nate, as he climbs up the chilly and fly-infested stairwell of the English Department Tower Block to submit his essay… but something isn’t quite right. 

New Poetry – ‘The Estranged’


As we begin our spiral into the world of the supernatural this Halloween, lets take a moment to remember literatures contributions to the pantheon of ghoulish figures and traditions. This week Kristina Reynolds’ dark poem, ‘The Estranged’, revives the ghost of a lady in white…       The Estranged     These long bitter days, these cold […]