Top tips to get a good night’s sleep before exams


The most beneficial thing when trying to get a good night’s sleep is to be patient. Don’t fall into frustrations and set high expectations for your night’s rest. You’ll sleep eventually. Worrying too much about utter relaxation is a baffling thing, but something we struggle to realise. However, if you need extra help try the following top tips. You’ll be fresh as a daisy and exam ready in no time! 

  1. Headspace: This is an app that talks you through short meditations. It has recordings for motivational talks, dealing with grief, and a host of others, but I found the basic one would always help me fall asleep. It makes your entire body feel heavy with slumber. I recommend this particularly for anyone suffering from stress or anxiety.  
  2. Podcasts: I discovered this from a pre-lecture chat with a fellow student. It’s called ‘Sleep With Me’, and no, this was no brazen remark! This podcast lasts an hour and it consists of a man telling a dull story which progressively becomes more boring and quieter as it goes on. The idea entertained me; after weeks of insomnia I had fallen asleep before the dreary introduction had ended. It’s an odd thing, but if you don’t mind possibly getting tangled in earphones, it’s a great option. 
  3. The Usual Nags: The ones you tend to overlook, on purpose. Eliminate screens! Don’t eat sugary food! Do some exercise, a brisk walk after dinner perhaps, or even leave your home briefly at some point in the day to breathe in some air that isn’t stale and questionable. This point is moot really, as no one will truly take it on board. However, I hope I can shed some light on your destructive habits that we you are too lazy to fix. Maybe there’s hope for some out there… 
  4. Home RemediesThe little tricks you may hear from the sweeter and wiser generation of the household. A bit of lavender oil on some cotton wool should knock you right out. Some warm milk is a classic choice, you could chance some cocoa too. Taking a bath is also a good tip, despite being dismissed often. The fact that less and less people advocate taking time to have a bath these days is criminal, and I will not rest until each and every one of you bathe (I don’t require proof, your word is enough, please). 

By Fiona Lee

Photo credit Manu Praba via Flickr 


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