New book launched offering ‘1000 years of career advice’ to graduates


A former NUI Galway student has published a new career advice book for graduates, exploring the paths taken by 100 different third-level graduates over the past 10 years.

Paul Murphy authored the guide for students “1000 Years of Career Advice” with the intention of instilling knowledge and confidence in the heart of any young college-leaver.

The book was downloaded 1,252 times on its first five days on Amazon and reached the top spot on the site’s Education and Careers charts. It is also available in paperback.

“The interviews contain three sections; what the interviewees did in university and why, the jobs they’ve done since they graduated 10 years ago, and what they have learned and their advice for a younger generation,” Paul told SIN.

“The interviewees are all in their 30’s and work in a wide variety of industries, companies and countries.”

He explained that the book includes interviews with people who work in 16 different professions including Accounting, Commerce, Compliance, Engineering, Health, HR, IT, Banking, Law, Science, and Teaching.

Those interested in reading a few snippets of the interviews included in the book can also visit Paul’s blog

By Sorcha O’Connor

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