Moving back home for the summer


Let’s be honest. No student is ever 100% happy moving home for the summer. Giving up your freedom, not seeing your best friends for months and the lack of Boojum deliveries at the click of a button are some of the main reasons for not wanting to go home. Why on earth would you want to give up those perks and privileges? But don’t worry, we are here to help with the transition.

It’s not about winning the battles, focus on winning the war. Bear this in mind at all times. Returning home to siblings, that were living happily at home running the house by their rules, is never easy. They were probably planning to take over your room while you were away or blocking you from the Netflix account. Try not to get caught up in sibling spats over the remote or ‘borrowing’ each other’s clothes. You need to present a united front to your parents.

Your parents need to see you as the bigger person. Remember you’re living under their roof again, which means their rules. Dad is your taxi man and mum is the chief organiser. Offer your mum a cup of tea every now and again and she’ll be on your side. An invaluable addition to your troop. You will probably need your dad for lifts to and from work and the 2am night club pick up. Keep them sweet, a little goes alone way.

Ease into your transition by making time for yourself. After months away from home enjoying your independence, try to keep some after you return home. Get a summer job and you’ll have your own money to spend, not relying on your parents. Make plans to visit your friends from college. Whether you live in Wexford and your friend is from Donegal, find the time to meet up. Dublin is usually the most convenient meeting point with exciting events every week. Group chats and video calls are great for keeping in touch as well. Try the app House Party, it’s free and allows up to eight callers in a group. No more excuses.

Overall, keep the peace as best as you can. Nobody will welcome a moody twenty-something year-old into the house with open arms. No demands, no fights and most importantly, no family Monopoly nights.

By Amy McMahon

Photo credit: viviandnguyen_ on Flickr

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