Mom jeans on the rise

Mom jeans are making a comeback. What next, Grandma crop tops?  Maybe give it a couple years. Wave goodbye to skinny jeans and distressed designs, mom jeans are the new sheriffs in town. No longer will our leg circulation be cut off by the restriction of skinny jeggings, so long are the days of low rise style trousers. 

A trend that stems from forty-something year old suburban mothers on their way to soccer games with orange slices has somehow done a complete one-eighty and is a look everybody craves. Celebrities seen in support of this movement includes Jessica Alba, Gigi Hadid, Zooey Deschanel and countless others contently modelling the trend in their day looks. 

So, how can us broke students follow in pursuit of this recycled trend? Pretty easily actually. Many clothing stores and brands have changed up their skinny style regime for some of these hip loving mom jeans. In a variation of styles and colours Penney’s, Missguided, Zara and Pretty Little Thing offer mom jeans at a reasonable price – now there is no excuse! T-shirts, crop tops, shirts, boots, stiletto heels, this look works with them all. Dress up, dress down, their versatility is exceptional (no wonder mothers loved them.) 

SIN picks: 

Missguided €41 

Mom jeans

Zara €29.95 

mom jeans 2

By Brigid Fox 


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