The perks of being single

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Valentine’s Day is approaching and along with it, the inevitable reminder to a significant portion of the population that they are, in fact, single. For a whole day in February, nay a whole week, shops and advertisements seem to be screaming at us, “Look at you, you have no significant other! You are alone! No heart shaped box of chocolates for you this year!”

For some, it’s a bit of a downer, but they should not despair – because in reality it’s an optimistic opportunity to buy themselves a heart shape box of chocolates the next day when they are docked to half-price.

So, in support of all the single pringles out there, this is a non-exhaustive list of the perks of being single that might make Valentine’s Day seem like it really is overrated after all.

  • You never have to share food or compromise on what food you want. That packet of biscuits in the cupboard is solely for your consumption and no one can dispute your decision to order a burrito bowl for the third time that week.
  • There’s no long, drawn out debate about what film to watch on Netflix. Even better, there’s no obligation to wait on another person to watch the next episode of your current favourite show.
  • If you’re already a lucky enough student to have a double bed, you can count yourself an even luckier single student because you’ll never have to share it. No one stealing the covers, snoring loudly or breathing in your ear. You can even lie diagonally across the whole thing if you feel like it.
  • Saving money. Let’s face it, between date nights, anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas, other halves are expensive. When you’re single, you can use all that money you’d have spent on someone else and put it towards something just for you, because you deserve it.
  • Being single gives you time to dedicate to me, myself and I, the importance of which should not be underestimated in a world that rarely allows you time to stop and think. Whether it’s simply an evening in with a good book, or a big decision to go travel the world by yourself, you can do it without having to take the needs and wants of a whole other person into consideration.

By Aoife O Donoghue

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