Homemade face masks: what to choose for your skin blues

As March seizes us for another most likely rainy and miserable month, it seems our skin can be the first one to be affected by the harsh weather. With shallow pockets and skint bank accounts creating a face mask from bits and pieces lying around the kitchen is the easiest and most fun way to pamper your face. This list will outline skin problems and how simple foods can get rid of them, it couldn’t be easier!

Dry Skin

One of the first things that happens when the cold Galway wind hits your vulnerable face is it dries right up. If you struggle with this problem there are a couple of simple solutions. Honey and coconut oil are perfect for hydrating skin and giving it a really lovely glow. It can be used regularly and with other ingredients (for example a tea spoon of diluted lemon juice and honey help get rid of acne). Bananas also help moisturise your skin while reducing redness. Mix ingredients together, apply generously to face, wait for 10-15 mins and voila!

Oily Skin

Is your skin prone to break outs, and to excess oil leaving you with a shiny appearance? Yoghurt and lemon juice are here to help. Mixing two big spoons of yoghurt with one/two teaspoons of lemon juice diluted in water and leave on skin for 15 mins then wash off completely. This mixture helps to exfoliate, tighten and brighten the skin.


As nearly everyone has experienced acne at some point in their lives it’s not surprising it is a regular annoyance for a lot of people. In regards to homemade face masks and acne prone skin, honey, cinnamon and lemon juice are your friends. Mix two big spoons of honey, one tea spoon of cinnamon and one tea spoon of diluted lemon juice together; the cinnamon will create a paste that you can apply easily to your skin and wait 10-15 mins. Then wash off and enjoy your fresh face!

Redness and Dull Skin

Late nights and early starts can leave your skin dull, tired and tight leading to patches of redness to deal with. To help fight back a combination of honey, cinnamon and cucumber brightens your face and reduces signs of redness and a dull completion. Mix the honey and cinnamon together while adding a small scoop of mushed up cucumber slices – a perfect homemade remedy for a fresh face!

An additional note for all home made face mask enthusiasts if in need of a homemade face and body scrub mix two big spoons of honey and brown sugar adding a small spoon of lemon juice and exfoliate the skin gently. The brown sugar works to get away any dead skin while the honey moisturises and soothes. Ideal for a fresh, gentle, budget scrub!

Note: All methods and ingredients have been tested and approved but in case of a bad reactions to any of the masks try out the ingredients on the skin and leave for five to ten minutes before applying the complete mask. If skin reacts wash off and do not use as part of the face mask. Otherwise you’re good to go!

-By Brig Fox

Image from Daniel Max on Flickr

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