4 wardrobe hacks you need in your life

We all find ourselves in situations that call for some craftiness. Be it sweaty patches or ill-fitting clothes, having a few clothing hacks in the wardrobe toolkit can be pretty useful. Maybe you know a couple of these already, hopefully you’ll discover something new! Here are SIN’s clothing hacks for students on-the-go:

Layer Up:

Don’t sacrifice the outfit just because it’s cold. You can still walk around with your coat open to show it off if you wear enough layers underneath. Yes, people do this. Invest in basics such as string tops, long sleeve t-shirts and thermal undershirts. Wear cute socks with your ballet flats or wear a pair of tights under your trousers. It looks effortlessly chic, you stay warm and you don’t look 10 pounds heavier.

Boots too big?

Is it just me or are the wide fit boots always way nicer than the regular fit boots? If your boots are just a little too roomy for your liking, try wearing fluffy socks. Fold them down over the heel of your foot and your boots will fit snugly. No more slipping as you walk!

Wrinkly shirt:

You don’t have time to iron, don’t own one, can’t iron for the life of you… spray your item of clothing with cold water using a spray bottle or rub it down gently with a damp clean sponge. Throw it in the dryer for 5-10 minutes and it’s good to go. Don’t worry if it still looks rumpled when you stick it on, it’ll naturally smoothen out over your body. This hack is tried and tested and in my opinion, fool-proof for wrinkled clothing.

Sweat Patches:

Solution 1: It’s 6pm and you’re walking out of your last lecture of the day. It was pretty clammy in the lecture hall and you have big sweat patches showing on your t-shirt. At least you can hide them under your coat. You get a text from your friend to meet them in a pub in town, but you don’t have time to run home and change. What do you do? Naturally people assume they should run to the toilets and hold their armpits under the hand dryer. But you should not do this!

Blowing hot air onto your t-shirt will create a bad smell and the heat will only cause you to sweat more – thus exasperating the problem. Instead you should leave your coat open and walk briskly outside on your way to the pub. Let the cool air rush in and dry your clothes. If you have some deodorant, spray/roll it onto the clothing itself from the inside to help abate a smell. After the 20 minutes it takes to walk into town, you might be shivering a little but you will have stopped sweating and your clothes will be dryer.

Solution 2: To prevent sweat patches from occurring, invest in a good antiperspirant. Seems obvious but there’s a difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. One covers up the smell, the other prevents sweating. You can also try wearing a t-shirt under shirts, this will help keep your shirts fresher for longer. This is especially handy for guys who own only one dress shirt.

-By Heather Robinson

Image from Hey Paul Studios

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