Returning trends: The trends that need to move over into 2017

Where to begin? Although I’m almost certain we can all agree 2016 was a bit of a brutal year, it was kind to the world of fashion, bringing some of the best trends into our lives. Think of these trends as a silver lining in the year of Trump. Here at SIN Fashion we hope to continue to see these stellar styles throughout the coming year.

Bomber Jackets: I am a huge fan of bomber jackets. It’s the easiest thing to juts throw on a bomber jacket and an outfit automatically has a cooler vibe. Zara did a line of gorgeous silk floral patterned bombers perfect for both daywear and nightwear. Even though this trend emerged in 2016, the true credit lies with the 50s and we owe it to that great Grease era and all the Pink Ladies to carry this trend on.

Button-up Skirts: Button-up skirts are adorable and if you swap a pair of jeans for one of these skirts, any simple outfit looks put together, smart and most importantly very stylish. A-line skirts are a wardrobe essential in my eyes and the button detailing was a great new twist on the class style.

Wearing Runners with Everything: Comfort and style finally joined forces for the better and it was magical. Who knew wearing Nike runners with just about every outfit possible could be such a great trend that everyone caught onto. I beg of you, good people of the fashion world, keep this trend for the sake of my feet that have been hurt by heels for far too long.

Fur-Bobble Beanies: Cute, cute, cute! These beanies popped up everywhere in a million shades and colours, each as fabulous as the next. Admittedly I’m not a major hat fan, however my pink fur-bobble beanie has become an everyday essential of mine that I am not willing to give up in 2017.

Bardot Tops and Dresses: This was definitely one of my favourite trends of 2016. I found this style of top and dress was something different to the typical body-con dresses that kept cropping up on every single shopping site and in every shop. Frankly, I was sick of it and 2016 provided an excellent alternative option that flatters all body shapes at the same time. What’s not to love?

Oversized Jumpers and Shirts: This one is similar to the runners point mentioned previously, 2016 clearly was the year comfort and style worked hand-in-hand together. There’s something cool, quirky and sexy about wearing oversized jumpers and shirts paired with knee high boots. It’s stylish, effortless and oh so perfect for nights out in Ireland when it’s absolutely freezing but you’ve got a jumper on! This is an absolute keeper for me in 2017.

-By Amy McMahon

Image from The Style Blossom

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