Hey there, Delamere

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Offaly man Neil Delamere brought his razor-sharp wit and side-splitting quips to a sell-out audience at NUI Galway this month as part of the SU’s Mental Health Week. In an hour-long set which victimised Mayo men, Engineers, mature students and a Columbian woman whom he christened Miss Escobar; Delamere delivered a mix of lightening one-liners […]

Being vegan without spending a cow


Featured image from Carol Moshier on flickr Creative Commons. We hear a lot about veganism every day, but what exactly does it mean to be a vegan? Well quite simply a vegan will not consume or wear any animal products. Over the past few years we’ve consistently seen the vegan lifestyle grow in popularity. There are […]

FEE FIGHT: USI to march for publicly funded third-level education

Image from USI.ie

The Union of Students of Ireland (USI) announced their plans for their national demonstration on Monday 26 September in St Stephen’s Green. The demonstration is set to take place on 19 October at the Garden of Remembrance and they are hopeful that it will draw up to 5000 students from across the country to take […]

Making a millennial marvel: how two Wisconsin based attorneys gripped a generation with their painstaking pursuit of justice

making a murderer

It’s a familiarly damp and dismal Sunday evening in Galway city, as a steady stream of vehicles piles its way into the car park of the Black Box Theatre. Spectators young and old, all exuding a similar sense of anticipation, flood the seats of the Galway playhouse as they await the evening’s entertainment. While the […]

Brangelina: the media plays the Blame Game

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Last month the earth stopped spinning on its axis, the sun forgot to rise and the seas dried up – Hollywood’s Adam and Eve were no more, Brangelina was a wrap. The media blew up with speculation and scoop-searching that gained more momentum than a myriad of other arguably more notable events. Frustration over unequal […]

NUI Galway Open Day, 7 and 8 October


NUI Galway will open its doors once more this year as it showcases the annual open day held in the Bailey Allen Hall, on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 October 2016. Up to 4, 000 prospective students, teachers and parents are expected to learn first-hand what NUI Galway has to offer over the course of this two […]

The Galway Gamer: can Metal Gear Survive?

Metal Gear Survive

Surely it’s time to speak about the elephant in the room. We could continue to ignore how it has come barrelling through the far wall and is now not-so-stealthily hiding in the corner. It’s there in full view for all to see and sooner or later we’re just going to have to admit it; we’re […]

Is the GAA preventing Ireland from being successful on the world sporting stage?


Ireland is somewhat of a recluse in world sporting terms. Long have we punched above our weight in the culturally-charged pursuits of writing, theatre and acting, however, we drastically under-achieve on a consistent basis at most international sporting conventions. Take the Olympics for example, the most reliable barometer of international sporting proficiency. A team representing […]

Mindfulness meditation and its benefits for students

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College can be a stressful time, as we NUI Galway students only know too well. Trying to juggle coursework, part-time jobs, our social lives and remembering to eat, sleep and exercise can leave us feeling like there aren’t enough days in the week. However, despite our hectic schedules and looming deadlines, it is absolutely essential […]

All-Ireland Final,Take One: The Review


Dublin and Mayo live to fight another day in scrappy classic By Graham Gillespie When sport is at its thrilling best it can drain its spectators in almost the same way it exhausts the participants. Sunday 18 September in Croke Park was one such day as 79 gripping minutes of Football could not separate Dublin […]