#FreeKesha: An update on the singer’s story

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The ongoing legal battle between singer Kesha and music producer Dr. Luke gained worldwide attention on 22 February when Kesha was denied an injunction to terminate her contract with said producer Luke Gottwald, and Sony, amid claims of sexual, emotional, verbal, and physical abuse.

Conscience of a King: An interview with Derbhle Crotty

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Still basking in her victory in the Best Actress category at the Irish Times Derbhle Crotty brings all the energy and life to her conversation that she does to the characters she portrays on stage.

No Man’s Sky release date announced

No Man's Sky 2

After months of speculation, perhaps the most anticipated new PlayStation 4 title of 2016 has been given the release date of 21 June.

The Temple Café: A Social Enterprise making a difference in Galway


An NUI Galway graduate has recently opened a new social enterprise café on Augustine Street in Galway. Sitting in the bright, airy Temple Café, I spoke with Sebastian Taylor about how the business operates.

The hidden reality of invisible illnesses

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Recently, one Sin writer witnessed a student getting scolded for waiting to use the toilets catered for disabilities. Her reply was that she has a disability and it had nothing to do with them.

Home is where the coffee is

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Where to get a good brew in Galway Galway is a place of intrigue but most importantly, coffee, with some of the best cafes hidden down side streets. It took me most of my first year aimlessly meandering to find some of these but they are worth the search. Here are some affordable student gems […]

Manage your mental health

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12 tips to look after your mental health

Whatever you do, don’t stand out

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Nobody wants too be seen as anything different than completely normal – even if normal means being rather stupid.

Do the text-obsessed need their own lane?

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US university introduces a separate lane for screen-obsessed pedestrians