Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

Sin Newspaper would like to apologise for any offence caused by the costumes article of its Halloween issue. Offence was not intended. Thanks to Breandán for highlighting our error.

Dear editor

While on campus last week I took the time to look through the student newspaper,I was surprised to find in the Halloween special advice on how to dress like a native american for Halloween. I make no pretence to be personally insulted by this as I am not a native American. I am however disappointed that the editorial team of sin did not see how a costume appropriating symbols of an oppressed culture as blatantly racist especially as the costume contain a headdress a sacred religious symbol in native American culture, which has been banned as a ‘fashion accessory ‘ at several music festivals world wide.

​I find it especially repugnant that sin would embrace cultural Imperialism considering the legacy of colonialism in Ireland. which has decimated our native culture and caused atypical post colonial violence in Ireland up until the recent past.

in short I would expect a student publication especially one in a post colonial country such as Ireland to not encourage the oppression of native minorities.

Le meas

Breandán Ó Conchúir

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