Concussion; who calls the shots?


Thibaut Courtois lays outstretched and lifeless on the Stamford Bridge turf. Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez pats the Belgian with concern after the two collided in the Chelsea penalty area.

Football All-Stars 2014


Goalkeeper: Paul Durcan – Donegal Durcan had another very impressive year in goals for Donegal.

Hurling All-Stars 2014


Goalkeeper: Darren Gleeson – Tipperary Gleeson’s puck-outs were a weapon in their own right.

Gamergate: intro and analysis


#Gamergate has become one of the biggest movements the gaming industry has seen, perhaps even bigger than Jack Thompson’s crusade against video games in 2005 when he tried to draw a comparison between violence in video games and real life.

Conor McGregor; Believe the hype!


Conor McGregor has at last proven his worth against a world-class opponent in the octagon, writes Jack Leahy. The young Irishman’s doubters have been silenced after an explosive victory against the number five-ranked featherweight in the world, Dustin Poirier.

Preview: Germany Vs Ireland


We have always been a nation that produces shock results. Think back when Ray Houghton put the ball in the English net in Stuttgart at Euro ’88; when he did the same again to beat the Italians 1-0 at USA ‘94 and when Robbie Keane’s injury time equaliser gave the Irish a point and hope […]

Kim Jong Un(confirmed)

Kim Jong Un

North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un hadn’t been seen for 40 days and 40 nights. Depending what you’d read you could’ve heard that he has been eaten by sharks or decided to become a cheesemonger.

A weird month for Feminism


The feminist parts of the internet had an explosion of activity due to several alarming, sensational events in the media in recent weeks.

There is an air of change in the breezes that ruffle the Hong Kong hills and skyline


For the last few weeks there has been a sense of uncertainty in Hong Kong.

Free-Uni Germany exposes weak logic behind university fees

Erweiterung TU Hamburg-Harburg

‘Germany scraps tuition fees for all students’ is a pretty sweet headline to come across when you’re flicking through the internet. But, it’s a little misleading. Germany is a federal republic, and actually the state of Lower Saxony is where tuition fees have been abolished. And why hasn’t the rest of Germany followed suit, you […]