Bisexual probably doesn’t mean what you think it means


Hello! I’m bisexual, and I’m going to be talking a bit about that. More pertinently, I’m going to make an attempt to clear up some confusion that keeps arising.

Budget is a mixed bag for students


On Tuesday 14 October, the Minister for Finance Michael Noonan and Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin revealed the budget for 2015.

World playing catch-up with Ebola


The World Health Organisation has announced that deaths from Ebola now stand at over 4,900. With a little over ten thousand reported cases, the virus has a fatality rate at this time of over 50 per cent.

He Came Wandering

The Halloween air was tender. Tracy and her Jock had decided to camp for the night.

Study: Giant prehistoric kangaroos looked like rabbits, walked like humans


According to a new study, a giant relative of the kangaroo ambled around the Australian outback 100,000 years ago.

ISIS and the Freedom of the Press


The nature of war reporting has changed. The beheadings of journalists James Foley and Stephen Sotloff by IS militants in Syria exemplified that reporters and journalists in the Middle-East are now considered to be legitimate targets, PR fodder and bargaining chips to be used against the West.

County Final Round-Up


With inter county matters done and dusted for another year, the County Championships take centre stage, as teams vie for bragging rights within their own borders. Here Is John Ivory with a roundup of the recent County Finals from around the Country.

Unexpected results in Dublin South-West/Roscommon-South Leitrim Bye-elections


Michael Fitzmaurice, the ‘Ming’ dynasty candidate, who through a combination of his mentor’s backing and his forceful contributions on the TV and radio debate managed to gain 18.7% of the first preferences in the constituency compared to Connaughton’s 22%.

The Decline of La Roja


Spain’s demise has been well documented after their disastrous World Cup campaign this past summer.

The top 5 Premier League signings


Diego Costa: Nobody really could have predicted just how good a signing Diego Costa would be and those who criticised the Spanish international after a poor World Cup must be hiding under the duvet. Costa was named the Barclay’s Premier League Player of the Month for August with 4 goals in 3 games, earning praise […]