GTI place live models in Brown Thomas Windows

The GTI Fashion Fiesta held the ‘Live Windows’ display in Brown Thomas on 1 April. The event marked the beginning of the big event, including the catwalk down Shop Street and the Fashion Show lead by leading Irish Designer Laura Jayne Halton.

The theme this year was ‘A Beautiful Nightmare’. There was a wonderful display in the first shop window and the model spent most of the day smiling at passersby from behind the glass in Brown Thomas.

Image by Anne Jennings

Image by Anne Jennings

The Fashion Design students designed a beautiful white gown which puffs out like a meringue from under the arms, the top of the dress has a perfect white bow. The dress is knee length showing the knees and draping into a fullness which is cut longer at the back, where a lacing can be seen.

The quality of the garment is very good; a one of a kind couture gown with an off white, or light creme colour, designed by Alex Konstantinawicz.

The delighted public were lured to the window by the beautiful model smiling at the passersby and doing different poses; the piece was a huge success. The model was absolutely beautiful and had her hair in a beehive which was backcombed and absolutely stunning. Her hair was styled by the students at Concept Hair Salon, GTI and was liberally decorated with off white roses and berries as well as green leaves and pink flowers all styled by the students.

Her makeup was done in the style of the ‘Fashion Fiesta’ by using the theme. She has flawless skin with purple eye shadow and a full brow, all blended perfectly, with long black lashes. The makeup was absolutely perfect with a matching violet/plum/ruby lip, illuminating the model’s face into a glow.

‘A Beautiful Nightmare’ was perfectly summed up in the wonderful styling done by the Poise Beauty Salon, also in GTI. Black strappy heels completed the look without distracting from the Fashion Styling and Fashion Design ensemble.

Behind the model was a white swing with a rope going up to the roof; green foliage showed off flowers of pink, purple and off white. The signature style of the students was a great compliment to the designer windows which featured the sleek styles of the shop front.

The whole image was a great feature, with depth content and a real liveliness which would have been a shame to miss. Anyone who was in town on Tuesday between 12 and 4 o’clock would have the opportunity to enjoy the ‘Live Windows‘ Display which was just popping out of the window like a beacon of light, a huge success.

Just two more days to wait for the ‘Fashion Fiesta‘! The Catwalk on Shop Street will be a sight for all to enjoy. The Model Walk, where all of the original fashion designed outfits will be flaunted runs from from GTI to Brown Thomas and back down towards Anthony Ryans and the House Hotel. Anyone wishing to watch the display of Fashion, Styling and Design should be on Shop Street at 4pm. To watch the Catwalk Show, one is to be at The House Hotel at 7pm; all profits will be donated to Cancer Care West.

GTI comes together for the Fashion Fiesta and celebrates the success of past student Laura Jayne Halton who is now a professional Irish designer who has launched her own collection this year at Kerry Fashion Week. The production combines over 5 different classes, from Fashion Industry Practice to Security. It is the big event in the GTI Calendar and be sure that you will not miss it as the models strut down the catwalk of Shop Street on 3 of April.

By Siobhán Whitehead

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Photo by Anne Jennings


Photo by Anne Jennings

Photo by Anne Jennings


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