GiGSoc Set to Launch Rainbow Week and 1st Ever Rainbow Ball

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GiGSoc [Gay in Galway Society] is delighted to host its second annual Rainbow Week, running from Monday 3 – Saturday 8 February. The week will consist of numerous events to promote LGBTQA presence on campus, culminating in our pinnacle event, NUI Galway’s first ever Rainbow Ball.

Rainbow Week strives to express and celebrate the diversity of people who identify as LGBTQA [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning and Ally] in a proud and visible manner.

Our objective is to highlight the broad spectrum of gender and sexual identities that fall under the LGBTQA umbrella, and in doing so break down the stereotypes that exist around such identities.

To this aim, we will be running a number of workshops throughout the week that will shed light on some of the areas often neglected in public discourse, such as the challenges faced by people who identify as bisexual, and taking a proactive stance when it comes to supporting Trans people.

Other events like our Blood Ban Demonstration draw attention to discriminatory practices still operating in Ireland against MSM [Men who have Sex with Men], while our Ally Stand emphasises the crucial role that straight Allies play in striving to achieve equality for all.

Of course, the other major aim of Rainbow Week is to celebrate diversity, and quite simply put, that means having fun, and GiGSoc take fun seriously. Kicking off the week we have the Rainbow Week Official Launch Party, which will take place in The View in Áras na MacLéinn on Monday 3 Feb from 7pm onwards.

There will be pizza, refreshments and music, not to mention a few surprises to add to the splendour of the night. Key to our social events is not only reaching out to LGBTQA people on campus, but also to increase collaboration between GiGSoc and other college societies.

To this end, we have liaised with a number of societies such as the Lit & Deb and Juggling Soc, and intend to work with as many as possible over the course of Rainbow Week.

The climactic event of the Week is our debut Rainbow Ball, which takes place on the Saturday night [8 Feb] in the Salthill Hotel. Tickets are only €32 each, for which attendants receive cocktail reception on arrival, dinner, dessert, tea/coffee and the most stupendous entertainment.

The Rainbow Ball is not only aimed at LGBTQA students from NUI Galway, but also students from LGBTQA societies in other universities and ITs. With this Ball we aspire to provide excellent social opportunities for both NUI Galway and non-NUI Galway students to liaise and improve networks across the wider LGBTQA community.

Tickets for Rainbow Ball on sale Monday 27 January and can be purchased through the SocsBox in Áras na Mac Léinn, or by contacting GiGSoc at

For full details on all our events, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

By Sean Reilly

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